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Lonely rant

I split with my sons father 6 months ago. I've gone through a few phases since but this period in time is the loneliest and most self destructive yet. Before I fell pregnant (age 19 I am now 21) I drank a lot and did drugs a bit but now I find myself going out on weekends drinking beyond recommendation and typically take a cocktail of hard drugs. I feel myself becoming dependent on them. When I'm not out, I'm at home with my son (who is NEVER around me drunk or high he goes to his fathers on weekends) I tend to comfort eat to the point of being in pain. I just want some relief from these feelings, I know it's so very woe is me but I can not help my emotions. I told my supposed friend and house mate how I wanted someone to care for me in confident but just before I heard her laughing about what I had said to her boyfriend! I just feel so low. Really I don't think I have friends. Not real friends. I don't know who to talk to now so here I am spooking about my self pity and ranting on in hopes of some relief.

Re: Lonely rant

hey @Big screen 

Thanks for posting and welcome to RO.

You should be proud that you can notice when you need help, and that you are considering your son at times when you are drinking. 

Im sorry to hear you feel lonely, and that you feel like you have no one to confide in. Have you ever considered going to see someone like a counsellor, or psychologist?. If you can get to your local headspace they can offer all sorts of services 


How are you feeling today?

Re: Lonely rant

Hey Big Screen, Welcome to Reach Out! Being a single parent can be so hard. Particularly to a little one. Connecting to other mums can make a huge difference. Do you get to meet up with any? If not, you could try Playgroups Australia, This lists all the playgroups in Australia so you can find a local one. It can be a great place to connect with other parents. You can also look on their Supported Playgroup page, they have a special category for young mums. I was a single, teenage mum too and one of the hardest things was the loneliness. Finding other young mums to talk to might really help you give up some of the unhealthy behaviours you've been getting into when you don't have your son. Let us know how you go. Smiley Happy

Re: Lonely rant

Hey @Big screen thank you for sharing your experience with us on RO! Hopefully we will provide you with avenues to feel better and deal with your problem. I think it is very rewarding and brave that you realise you have a problem and are doing something about it. It sounds like you are in a very unfortunate situation, sometimes you find yourself in such a bad place and really wonder how you got into it. But as long as you are determined and willing you will be able to fight this and handle the substance and drug abuse. Have you tried contacting your local gp and organising psychology sessions, it can be very helpful to talk to someone about your issues and allow them to provide you with the support you need to move on. 

You can also contact lifeline on 13 11 14, they are a crisis support organisation which can be very beneficial in times of hardship. 

Please don't feel as though you are alone even though at times it may feel that you are by yourself there is always someone that cares. Please don't forget that, we at RO are always here for a chat.


Take care and hope to hear from you