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Loosing my brother

Almost a year ago my brother passed away from cancer. Loosing my brother has been the hardest thing possible to deal with. Everything I do reminds me of him, coming home just brings back all these memories. I don’t know how to go a day without crying anymore. I miss him so much and just want him back. 


The last few weeks I have been havig nightmares about the morning he passed away. I was the one who had to scream out to my mum to say he isn’t breathing, I felt his chest and noticed that it wasn’t moving. 

My mum started to scream telling him to wake up that my other brother was on his way. 


I dont know what to do anymore Smiley Sad 

Re: Loosing my brother

@Talitha93 I am so sorry about the loss of your brother my heart is with you. Grief is really very painful and it sounds like you've got a bit of trauma you're reliving as you were present during his loss. It's not nice to feel you can't properly rest without nightmares. A year is not a very long time so it's completely okay to feel this rawness and pain, however it's also important you get the right support and take time out for yourself in order to enjoy life again.


Have you heard of an organisation called Compassionate Friends [click here]? They're very amazing. They all have lived experience of what you're going through as well, and are specifically trained to work with the type of grief you are experiencing. And of course we are here to listen and support as you need in a peer environment Smiley Happy Heart

Re: Loosing my brother

Hey @Talitha93,


How're you going? Did you get a chance to check out the link in @Bree-RO's post? We're here for you if you want to talk more Heart

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