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Loosing my strength

I am usually a very emotionally strong person. Gone through divorce 2 years ago with 3 young kids. I don't have any family in the country and I feel like my parents don't even care about me. The last few weeks I have started to withdraw from talking to people at work. Hate being in social events like school concerts. Feel like people are constantly judging me. Tonight I just broke down in tears, realising I don't have anyone who I can talk to so that's why I came here. I just feel like I want to bury myself. I love my kids more than anything and they are well adjusted kids with lots of friends. I feel so awkward in social events and feel like no one makes an effort to talk to me and it seems they all chat to each other. I consider myself a fairly attractive person who is usually always smiling. What's wrong with me, why don't people make an effort to get to know me? I keep feeling like I need to be strong for my kids but I do t know how much longer I can put on a brave face for. Thanks for listening 😩

Re: Loosing my strength

Welcome to @Wannabehappy. Thank you for sharing your story with us, that was really brave of you.


Your post suggests that you might fall outside of our age range (14 – 25), but don’t fret if you do as there are some awesome forums available that may be of more use to you, such as SANE and BeyondBlue. They can help you with life events that younger people don't usually have to deal with.


It sounds like you are going through a rough patch at the moment, which I am sorry to hear about. Divorce is a life changing event which can cause some distress and I can’t even begin to imagine what you went through let alone without the support of your parents.


You mentioned that you are usually a very emotionally strong person, so perhaps a question to ask yourself is if there is anything that you have recently stopped doing that has made you feel this way.


Whilst these factsheets are targeted towards young people, I still want to link them in as you may find some of the information to be helpful. There is one on feeling lonely and another on avoiding social situations.


I know what I am about to ask / suggest can be really daunting, but have you spoken to your GP about what has been going on for you?


Just remember that you are stronger than you think, your kids are lucky to have a mother as caring as you and that you don’t need to go through this alone, help is available.


Take care,



My entire life can be described in one sentence: It didn't go as planned and that's okay. ツ

Re: Loosing my strength

Hey my mum was also a single mum she got divorced when I was young and their was a lot of is I just want to let you know there is nothing wrong with you...


you are very strong and very brave and their is a lot of strength in admitting you feel alone ..I think your a very good mother because even though it's hard you stuck through for them u being their makes a world of difference to them trust me it did with my own mum and don't listen to people's idle chatter about how they think they know what's. Best for you people are gonna try to tell u so many things but to be honest their wrong ..they don't know how hard it is to raise kids and it's easier to judge than

understand ..



everyone has an opinion doesn't mean their right ! My mum she's my hero stuck by me when I even questioned why when I doubted myself ..she never left me behind and as a kid I still remember that now as an adult.



. Their are councillors and support workers that can help you if you need to talk and trust me it helps it stops you feeling isolated and you get to break down and feel sad and tell them your worries it's completely healthy to talk out your problems and I'm not just buffering you onto another support service my own mum did it and it helped a lot through out her own struggles it's over the phone and completely private. 



By the way if you need time than it's perfectly fine not to go out all the time I suggest going for long walks even if u bring ur kids buying art equipment painting at home or in public can be very relaxing take some time to allow yourself attention your a very hard working descent mother and don't let anything get you down.



You are perfect don't blame yourself for what happened you are gorgeous the way you are , about the parents sometimes all you have to do is ask reach out to them tel them how you feel taking the first step was being brave enough to talk to people on here , but it's ok to be vulnerable and want help from your parents if they can't be supportive than maybe a good friend or a trusted person.


Look at what you provided your kids a good mum who is strong and independent I think your amazing and you can do it, it's not selfish investing some time in your self attend a yoga class or go out to a restaurant every now and than treat yourself trying new things such as yoga can lead to new friends by the way if people aren't talking to you their not worth talking to ...your an inspiration and take care. Source-child of a single mum

Re: Loosing my strength

Just wanted to jump in and say that @Featherz has given some really thoughtful support here and I hope that you find the support you are looking for wannabehappy! BeyondBlue or SANE would be a great place to start,

Wishing you all the best!!!

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Re: Loosing my strength

Thank you Featherz ..... so nice to hear another point of view.