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Losing Loved Ones

Yes, it this happens. I have lost my mom so I know how it feels, so to be honest, this is less of a post and more a shout out to those in a similar situation. Always remember, even in your darkest times there are people there to help you, to stand with you and help you stay strong. 

Re: Losing Loved Ones

Sorry to hear that you lost your mum Apocathery41. You're totally right though - there are always people there to help after losing someone and even though it sometimes feel like our whole worlds are falling apart, we can make it through. Thanks for this little message of hope Smiley Happy

Re: Losing Loved Ones

I needed this reassurance, so thank you. Sorry to hearing about your mum Apothecary41. A week ago, I lost someone who I considered my older sister, and I currently have one of my best friends in the ICU. It is hard, but I know it will eventually get easier, when things aren't so raw.

Re: Losing Loved Ones

So sorry to hear about your mum. What you have said is so true though, and it is something I need reminding of often.


This year has been a hard one for me with a lot of people I know passing away. Stay strong.