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Lost and confused, and feeling very vulnerable...

I new it.. i new it. I was happy for a reason the calm before the storm...

ok to start things off i hate a giant fight with my sister who i was once close to but now not sure. It seems that as i was “getting better” she was hating me because i i seem to receive more attention from people.. like seriously omg we aren’t kids any more. She is 4 years older then me. 

I will admit that I probably shouldn’t have said what i said. ( that the only reason you got a promotion was that you slept with the boss) but does she have to rub the amount of money she earns in my face. Like I’m trying really hard to get on top of my financial situation. Like right now I’m just so angry at the world. And i know it not the worlds fault. 

Re: Lost and confused, and feeling very vulnerable...


Re: Lost and confused, and feeling very vulnerable...

hey @Eagle that is sounding really tough atm. 

its hard when emotions are running high sometimes we say things we dont mean. im sorry she feels jealous that your gettng more attention. it can like shes blaming you for sure but maybe shes feeling a little left out in your life. financial stress is soooo hard- im really hearing you there as its something i struggle with too

do you think its possible to have a talk with her when youve both settled-say after a few days so you can both calmy express your feelings?

**NEVER be afraid to ask for help because you're WORTH it!**

Re: Lost and confused, and feeling very vulnerable...

@Eagle That sounds really full on - what is your sister doing now? Have you spoken to her since? I hear what you're saying about the calm before the storm, remember life is full of peaks and troughs. It is never all smooth sailing Heart We are here to listen.

Re: Lost and confused, and feeling very vulnerable...

Hi @Eagle


How are you feeling about the situation when looking back? I sense some regret so maybe you can try apologising to her for what you said? After you can try talking to her about the way she's behaving (rubbing the money in your face). 


One thing about life is that it's never constant. It's a cycle of ups and downs. You were happy but now you're sad. You'll be happy again and sad again. It's life. Try not to get too discouraged when you are sad again because happiness is around the corner.