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Lost my love.

Yesterday morning, my boyfriend broke up with me. We were going out for four months and i truley truley loved him. I've had relationships before and i know that this was real. we're in year 10. When i see his name i cry.. I hate him.. and I love him at the same time.. he just turned around one day and said he does love me anymore... literly over night.. started liking another girl.. but now he "aparently" doesn't like her. But yet. he can go with out me.. his girlfriend whom he loved for the past four months.. but not her his friend since saturday... Needs help how to deal with this.. i havn't been eating propery because i've been feeling sick, mum says it's because of stress. I've lost 2 killos in 2 days. Don't know what to do.

Re: Lost my love.

Hi Kate,


I'm sorry to hear about your relationship ending, it's a really hard thing to go through Smiley Sad

It's natural to have confused feelings about your ex - you'd know that from previous relationships.


I think at a time like this it's really important to surround yourself with great friends, and even hang out with your family. It sounds like your mum is attentive and concerned about how you're doing - try talking to her a bit more, or maybe even just doing something fun together.


There's some good tips here that might help you out a bit too:


Your mum might be right about the weightloss too - stress can make it harder on your body to cope and make you not feel like eating. Try to look after yourself as best you can, and make sure you see a doctor if the weightloss and not feeling well continues - it will give you a little extra peace of mind to get checked up and see that you're okay.


I've always found watching a favourite tv show on dvd or having a girly movie marathon and indulging yourself for a weekend or a few days helps me to feel a bit better. There's nothing wrong with feeling down, we all go through ups and downs.


Hope some of this helps. 



Re: Lost my love.

Thank you so much, I'm coping better today, but i did have work tonight which.. i had to leave early because i was almost passing out froms stress. I'm doing exercise with my mum everyday, and we are watching big brother together. also my friend Grace is coming over tomorrow, and were going to watch movies and eat ice-cream. I've been putting all my time into doing things, i jsut don't know.. should i try dealing with all my stress.. is so how? or shold i just try moving on with my life.. which is working at the moment.. but i'm affraid that it will all come back up later on... :/

Re: Lost my love.

Hey kate.


You are a young girl and that doesnt mean your problem isnt valid. i had a few girl friends that i thought i could spend the rest of my life with around your age. when i look back at them now i relise they were only young loves. doesnt mean u dont love them anyless.

at your age all you guys are going through so many changes. this really messes with your emotions.. one thing ill say to you.. is be strong and do what you need to do.. move forward and dont let him conduct how you are feeling


the stress is why u are losing weight. keep talking to people, write on here if you have to just dont give him power over you