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Low self confidence

I feel so small everyday even people tell me that I am good Its hard for me to believr that  I dont understant but I always drag myself down. 

Re: Low self confidence

Hey @fied 


Thanks for your courageous post Heart.  I'm sorry to read that you're experience low self-confidence currently.  Sounds like you are someonewith many qualities when people are telling you are good.  Sometimes our thoughts tell us the opposite, even when they are not real.  Fortunately, there are people that can help you with that.  Have you spoken to anyone about this yet?  Perhaps you could try 1800 551 800 who are open 24/7 and have trained counsellors to help you.  Another option might be to see your GP about seeing a psychologist.  They have specialist training that help with the things you describe.


Hope you have a lovely Monday Smiley Happy



Re: Low self confidence

Hi @fied, welcome to the RO forums! I'm sorry to hear that you're not feeling so confident about yourself these days, but it definitely sounds like other people view you as a good person! Smiley Very Happy How often do you think you seem to drag yourself down? This article here might help you on managing your self-esteem.

Re: Low self confidence

Hi @fied , I just thought I'd check in and see how you're doing! How have you been feeling since we heard from you last? I hope that the recommendations the others have given have helped if you've had the chance to try them.


Sometimes we can definitely be our own worst critics and the most convincing voices are our own, sometimes. It sounds like plenty of people value and appreciate you though, which is great! What sorts of things do they compliment you on? I'm sure if you hear these compliments a lot, your friends must be being honest when they say them.


I'd also like to second the idea that talking to a counsellor could help with your situation. It might feel like outside voices aren't convincing, but you can get in touch with people who are experts on these kinds of situations, which could really help! Opening up to someone about how you really feel (whether you're ready to talk to a counsellor yet or not) could help you to start to feel better.