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Me Against the World?

I've never felt such strong isolation and loneliness until recently.


I've always been quite introverted,and selective of friends. As I get older, it seems harder and harder to make friends. I move to a new city few years ago and still am struggling to find like-minded people to form a healthy support system. People like me, but I don't think they feel like they can relate to me.


Lately I've had a sudden desire to go back to school(law school to be specifc). I started studying for entrance exam, and I feel like this is something I should do as my next stop. But what discourages me the most is that everybody,either don't believe my seriousness, or don't think I can see it through. Which is extremely sad. I was counting on the support of one of my dearest friend, but even her support seems to come and go, at one point she thinks I can totally do it, at another she predicts I'm going to give up. Same as everyone else. Is it so hard to find someone who truly believes in you and support you? Even my family has a hard time thinking I can do it. I know this is something I should do for myself, but having the support of loved ones definitely helps too. On top of not believing I can do it, they don't even seem to care that much. This is a big deal,and I just wish the few people I have in my life including my family would treat it as something important too. Instead of being dismissive and condescending. 


It feels as though it's me against the world. Not only am I isloated by all the study materials, I am truly isolated from everyone else as well. The revelation of no one really gives a damn brought me tremendous saddness. 



Re: Me Against the World?

Hey @whatisgoingon welcome to RO and thanks heaps for sharing your story.

RO is a forum for 14-25 year olds, it may be more beneficial for you to find some online platforms for adults such as Sane Smiley Happy


 In the interim,  I love this video by Mastin Kipp about friends and fam not having your back, it's from his viewpoint but quite insightful. Best of luck with Uni!

Re: Me Against the World?

Hey there @whatisgoingon, welcome to RO!


Firstly, it looks like you're from the States, so you should know that you've actually reached an Australian site! The forums might not be the most helpful for you, but feel free to browse our resources to see if anything helps you out Smiley Happy


Also, I'm so sorry to hear that you're not feeling too supported by your friends and family. Getting into law school is super tough, and not having the support of the people around you can be really demotivating. Have you ever told your family or friends about how you feel when they are so dismissive of your goals?


A good idea in the interim might be to just remind yourself that you can do it. Working on positive self-talk and self-confidence can take time, but until your family and friends come around to the idea that you're actually set on going back to school, it might help you with your lack of support.


Its also hard to make new friends in a new city - you leave behind all the support systems you've grown up around, and you don't have places like school where you can just make friends through proximity. Have you considered looking for clubs or hobby groups you could join? It is much easier to find like-minded people when they share the same interests as you.


All the best with law school!!

Re: Me Against the World?

Hello @whatisgoingon,


Moving to a new city is like moving into the unknown. It is possible to know many people but feel a deep connection to none. Perhaps try opening up more and give people a chance to really get to know you and who you are beneath the surface. That way, you would have someone to support you when you need it. Remember that is only what YOU feel, you do not know for sure if they can or cannot relate to you. Give them a chance to.


There will always be people who doubt you and it hurts to know that those closest to you do not even have faith in you. But what they think is of no consequence to what you can do. If you want to go to Law School, by all means do it! Prove them wrong about their baseless assumptions on your abilities. People can be fickle, but i can see that you are serious about this and will not change your mind any time soon, and that is all that matters.


If it is of any consolidation, i believe in you. Now i am not only saying this, i really do, because just by you coming to ReachOut to talk about this and just by you mentioning that you have prepared for it shows your conviction on this matter. You would not be upset if this was not important to you.


Do you think that perhaps some people are condescending and seem to care less is because they envy what you can do? Maybe deep down they do believe that you can do it and they are jealous that they cannot. Law school is competitve and difficult and you can be sure that not many would risk failure in applying for it unless they are confident in themselves.


You are not against the world, nor is the world against you. Keep trying and study to the best of your abilities and i know you will achieve your dreams. Do not fear failure, pick yourself up each time and sooner or later you will get to where you want.


Do not be discouraged, "Believe in yourself. You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem and smarter than you think". Let go of your sadness and show them the results of your hard work so that they may never doubt you again. Also, remember to take care of yourself as well, and that means both physically, and mentally.


Good luck! Tell me how the exams go, i would love to hear it. Smiley Happy






Re: Me Against the World?

@whatisgoingon just wondering how you've been travelling since you posted? I'm not going to repeat what everyone else has already said because it looks like really good advice but yeah I was just keen to know if you looked into anything that was suggested or not, and how you've been going with your isolation struggles.

Take care

Re: Me Against the World?

Hi @whatisgoingon

Sounds like you've been going through a lot Smiley Sad

I wanted to check in on you and see how everything was going?