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I’ve just started medication but still feel emotional pain can someone please help me out or can anyone relate 

Re: Medication

Hi @gmusicj yeah, I can definitely relate with this.



Firstly, they don't fix everything. Medications can be extremely helpful, but most studies suggest that they work best when combined with other therapies. They can help make the pain less intense and easier if cope with, but generally don't take it away completely.


Secondly, sometimes it'll take a couple of months before they become most effective. So if you've literally just started you might have to give it some time before you get to see the full results.


And thirdly, different medications, dosages and combinations work differently for different people. Often, people find that it requires a bit of tweaking over time. So if they aren't having an effect after a month or two, it's definitely worth checking with your prescribe-er to see if there might be a better dosage/ medication/ combination of medications for you.


Anyway I hope that something in my slightly sleep deprived rant was helpful. Good luck with the medication!


Re: Medication

Hey @gmusicj 


Thank you for asking for help with this Heart Adjusting to medication can be a difficult time and often within the first couple of weeks there will be some side effects that are a little uncomfortable to go through. 


It's important to say that everyone experiences medication differently - some people don't like it and others can't live without it. That is your personal journey to go through, of course with the support of your doctor, friends, family and ReachOut as well Smiley Happy 


I can relate to what you're going through and in my experience it does get better - with perseverance and being open to adjusting medication if needed. It's not an easy path to walk but it's a worthy one when you get the right fit. Heart  


I'm sending you lots of strength to face the emotional pain you are feeling right now. Know that we are here to listen to you. 


Re: Medication

Hi @gmusicj!

Starting medications can be a bit of a learning curve, especially in the beginning. I haven't personally been on medications for my mental health, but some of my family members have.

I've heard that some people might find that their symptoms increase at first when starting medications that affect mood. It might be a good idea to ask your doctor when you can expect to start seeing positive effects and what changes you might experience at first.

I also agree with @Tiny_leaf that different medications have different effects in different people. A medication that might be beneficial for someone might give someone else a lot of side effects. It can involve some trial and error before you find something that helps you.

Good luck with your medications! I hope you feel better eventually. Heart


Re: Medication

Hi @gmusicj

I hope you're feeling better today. Just thought I'd pop in and say I can definitely relate with you. It does take some time to get used to taking a new medication, especially as it will take some time to kick in and your body does have to adjust. It may not be the best time, but once it passes, it does get better. I felt the exact same way as you when I had started, but it's worth it to give it a good go. 

Just as @Bre-RO@Tiny_leaf and @WheresMySquishy  mentioned, you also do have to be open to some trial and error but once that all settles, it will be worth it. Just stay strong and remember that you are not alone Smiley Happy

I've also just linked an article on here that may help clear things up for you. 

Good luck! You got this! 


Re: Medication

I don’t know I just feel alone and like an alien just different 


Re: Medication

Hey @gmusicj Smiley Happy


I'm sorry to hear you're feeling alone and that the medication isn't quite doing what you expected. Smiley Sad I agree with everyone in that medication can take quite some time to start working and the first one you try might not be the best for you, so it might be important to keep checking in with your GP (or psychiatrist if they were the prescriber). Do you have an appointment coming up where you can raise these concerns?


Also, you mentioned you feel like an alien. I'm wondering if you could explain what that feels like for you?