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Memory and anxiety

Hi all, I posted a few topics here so I apologise if I'm going overboard but I'm trying to make sense of this symptom I'm having. I'm having trouble remembering things clearly, my anxiety is surely contributing to this but I'm also depressed and I don't eat very well and I'm not exercising at all. I feel like my memory is extremely foggy, I'm trying not to freak out and assume I have dementia but this is really getting to me Smiley Sad

Re: Memory and anxiety

Hey @Lisalovesbacon don't need to apologise! Don't freak out, i'm sure there's an explanation for what you're feeling and it's probably something alot less serious than dementia Smiley Happy I think you should contact your gp about this, just so that you could have some peace of mind, especially if it feels like the symptom is getting worse or it isn't going away on its own. Your doctor would also know if it's a side effect of any medication you are on.


Are you sleeping well? Our memory is consolidated while we are asleep and this could be a possible reason for what you're feeling. I would definitely advise you to begin exercising, doing what's comfortable for you alittle bit everyday. It will help you with your appetite so that you eat better, feel better and you will sleep much better too. 


I hope you found this helpful, feel free to tell us how this goes Smiley Happy

Re: Memory and anxiety

Hi @Lisalovesbacon , how are you? Post as much as you feel necessary! 


It sounds like your mental wellbeing has dipped recently and you're wondering if this is affecting your memory? I think the best thing to do would be to see your doctor - as @NutellaBuster said, it can really help put our worrying at ease and sort of the problem.


Have you tried living a slightly healthier lifestyle? It doesn't have to be all or nothing - you could implement small changes and see if you start to feel better? Here are some tips on healthier eating habits. Also you might want to check this out - its about staying fit and healthy.  Lots of times we can start to feel better mentally when we look after our bodies.

Re: Memory and anxiety

Hey @Lisalovesbacon (:


I just wanted to jump in and support @NutellaBuster & @tsnyder 's suggestion of talking to your Doctor. I know it can seem a little bit scary, but they're probably in the best position to help you work out what is going on for you. As a short term fix I would definitely encourage you to write things down or set alarms on your phone if you're feeling anxious about forgetting things. I sent alarms on my phone for absolutely everything (reminding me to exercise, reminding me to email, even reminding me when I need to go online shopping, haha) and I find it so useful! You might even find it helpful to make a list of a few things that you want to ask your Doctor about - I know that I always end up walking out of the Doctors being like "Dammnit, I should have asked him this!".


As for posting on ReachOut, please don't feel bad! Eveything here at ReachOut supports each other and there is no limit on making posts if you feel like you need help! Definitely don't feel afraid to make more posts in the future (:

Re: Memory and anxiety

Hey there Smiley Happy So sorry to hear you're struggling. 


I can totally relate - when I get stressed or worried or have a lot going on, my memory goes out the window. I forgot I had work twice last week :/ 


I agree with the others about going to a doctor just to double check things but in the meantime here are some things that help me:

  • Writing things down! I write EVERYTHING I need to do, appointments, coffee dates, that I need to buy bread, readings I need to do for uni, people I need to email in my diary. My diary is my life. Otherwise you can use your phone and the benfit of that is you can set a reminder. For example an assignment for uni I will write in my diary the day it is due, but also I will make a mark for 10 days, 5 days, 3 days etc so i'm always being reminded. 
  • Have a notepad next to your bed, incase as you are falling asleep and your mind is going crazy you can write it down to come back to later. 
  • Exercise. It always clears my muddled mind and makes me feel like I've been recharged and got a whole lot of anxious energy (which i think contributes to me forgetting things!) out! A 20-30 min walk can do absolute wonders!
  • Spending time outside. Fresh air always helps me think clearer. It's a beautiful day outside where I am, so I should really be on my laptop outside instead of inbed. 
  • FUN!! It seems like this is really getting to you. Do something you enjoy to take your mind off it for a little bit. Distraction is always fantastic for whatever is going on in life. 
  • Treat yourself. You are struggling at the minute so don't forget whatever is going on you are still a beautiful person who deserves to be treated. Especially now. You deserve a reward for 1) recognising something isn't right and 2) coming on here and opening up about it which can be really, really scary. You are pretty awesome!! 

Hope that helps a little bit. Take care Smiley Very Happy


Re: Memory and anxiety

Thanks everyone for the great information and support Smiley Happy I'm positive this symptom is a side effect of the medication I'm taking for my anxiety, or a combination of a few things. Nevertheless I'll still see my GP about it and see what she says. The worst thing for me to do is worry about it because then I get very physically ill which makes everything a million times worse!

Re: Memory and anxiety

ISometimes in the holidays I feel realy dumb and 'foggy' also, an im convinced that drinking and going out has really effected me. However, once I go back to uni and start using my brain again regularly everything goes back to normal and im all sweet.


It sounds like your expereincing something more severe than me, so im sure it could be a combination of things. Defs tell whoever subscribes you medication of this effect though.


Re: Memory and anxiety

Totally agree with what everyone has said - but just better to check with your GP to be 100% certain nothing else is going on. But definitely memory loss can be caused from stress and sleep deprivation. Generally not permanent memory loss, more like forgetfulness due to a number of factors e.g: a lot on your mind, or lack of concentration.

Let us know how you go Smiley Happy

Re: Memory and anxiety

Hi @Lisalovesbacon


I have anxiety and I constantly find it dificult to remember things this is mostly me having so much anxiety and so much emotional arousal that sometimes I don't remember things or a situation that I was in. 


I think you should most definietly contact your GP about this to make sure it is not something else and they might be able to get some more information and/or be able to help you to overcome this. 


Definetly have some understanding of what you are going through, it is absouletly frustrating.