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Mental Health

hello, does anyone else have a bad relationship with there mum. its crazy i have such a strong connection to my mother and i am overly attatched to her that it makes me hate her. I have anger issues with my mum and i always end up fighting with her. most of the time i know its not my mums fault but i dont respect her which if the reason i am rude to her. I also dont like how protective she is and i dont know what to do. I sometimes blame my mum for being too loving to me and i am very ungrateful. 

Re: Mental Health

Hi @PpSADeGo

Thank you for reaching out. I can hear from your post that you have thought a lot about the relationship with your mum and why you might be feeling this way. It shows an incredible amount of self awareness Heart

You mentioned feeling like she is quite protective, can you us a little bit more about that?

Is this something you have spoken to someone about before?

I am just about to send you an email as it looks like you might be joining us from a country outside of Australia, check your inbox when you can Smiley Happy

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Re: Mental Health

Hey @PpSADeGo,
First of all, welcome to RO Smiley Happy Just echoing @Jess1-RO here, you sounds like you've though a lot about your relationship with your mother. I'm sorry you don't have a great relationship with your mum and I can tell your struggling with it Smiley Sad
Have you ever spoken to someone else about it? Family, friends, counsellor etc?

Re: Mental Health

Hello, thanks for the reply I really appreciate it x
Well in the past I have been through a lot of negative experiences and my mother has always been the one to help me through it all. It has made us really close but sometimes I feel like she has helped me too much and it’s a habit of hers. Now my mum is trying her hardest to help me get over anything small or big that I’m going through and because I am older I should be helping myself. Also I know her help is not benefiting me in anyway. I have tried telling her to stop but she carries on. Even though nothing works
Anyways thanks.

Re: Mental Health

Hello @annabethxchase I have spoke to many people about it. A counsellor, friend and family. I now realise that the answer isn’t in people it’s in me. However whenever I feel I have an issue I always ask for help and never turn to myself. Then others never give me the help I need. I don’t trust myself.

Re: Mental Health

That's great that you've chatted with a counsellor and your friends/family! Very happy for you Smiley Happy Hmm, yeah gotcha there. I feel like you can get loads of support and encouragement from professionals and friends but in the end, it's your battle and you gotta fight it Smiley Sad It's actually great that you are asking for help though, that's a fantastic quality Smiley Happy I'm sorry to hear you don't trust yourself - do you want to elaborate a bit more on that? xx

Re: Mental Health

Hey there @PpSADeGo,


It's great that you've been able to talk to other people about what's going on. Sometimes opening up to others can be the hardest step. It's okay to ask for help too, while we have to take steps to help ourselves, it can be a great help to have other people by our sides helping us along. You mentioned that you spoke to a counselor, is this someone you see regularly? Talking to someone about turning to yourself and trusting yourself can help in taking those steps. 


I also wanted to remind you to check your emails, as we sent you one yesterday. 


I hope you're having a good week Smiley Happy


I am finishing with ReachOut this week, say good-bye here. I'll miss you all!