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Mixed results

@Sophie-RO So an update since I disappeared for a while.


Things still haven't changed much, that excursion note is due tomorrow. I know I'll be confronted but I can't handle excursions at all.


I'm probably gonna be fired for the TV station volunteer job due to lack of experience, I'm having another " I wish I was accepted into the air force" moment instead of school which has drained me


I'm just trying to take it one day at a time and hang in there

Re: Mixed results

Hey @MemphisBelle, hang tough, it sounds like you are feeling quite stressed right now?


Are you going to hand in that note?  Try to get it in on time.  Also, have you been fired from the TV volunteering?  Do you think you might be jumping to conclusions here?

Re: Mixed results


I'm not handing in the note, I already feel uncoformatable with my peers theres no way I'm sitting on a bus going to an excursion.


I haven't been fired but it's not looking good. More and more of my material is getting cut and I'm being told to contact them but not hearing anything

Re: Mixed results

@MemphisBelle I promise you will cope, even if they let you go.  In the meantime, perhaps you could ask about why your material is getting cut? Are there ways you can improve, or give them more of what they are looking for? Let's not jump the gun here, it just adds unnecessary stress.


Well, make sure you tell the teacher that you have decided not to go.  Remember, they have a responsibility to make sure everyone is okay, so I'm sure they'll appreciate you giving them the heads-up.  Missing an excursion is no biggie, so lets not make a mountain out of a mole-hill. 

Re: Mixed results

Thanks for keeping us updated MB... If you're feeling like things haven't changed much - in the last few days or perhaps even in the last 6 months - then it's time to try something different.


There is that old saying about how you can't do the same thing over and over again and expect different results... So you can't expect to feel differently/better if you keep doing the same things to get help. So what could you do differently? I actually think you might want to give eHeadspace a go. You can use webchat.... What do you think?


If you decided to try it you'd need to register for an account with them but you you can stay anonymous if you want to. When you access the chat for the first time you'll have to answer a 4 page questionaire about how you've been feeling lately. You might have a short waiting time, or if they are very busy they might ask you to meet them at a later time, but when you do connect you'll chat in private in real-time with a experienced youth mental health professional, could be a social worker, mental health nurse, psychologist or occupational therapist.


Hope you'll consider giving it a go...

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Re: Mixed results

Hey @Sophie-RO I've used eheadspace they're actually not too bad, I'm finding them quite helpful for a little talk.


Honestly I'm better then what I was back in November 2014, I've scored a bit role in a short film being produced. I'm just trying to avoid bottling things up which is what happened last time.  I have another session with the psychologist this weekend so don't worry...I'm on top of things in that regard.


I'm just at a 40/50 when it comes to balancing emotions, just trying to avoid going to far the bad direction



P.S I tried to log in to the site earlier but was told I was banned for spamming? but when I used a different computer it was fine? Any theory on why they might have happened? It actually scared me quite a bit because I thought I said something wrong, I assure you that I would NEVER abuse a member of the site or you


Sorry this posted twice, weird glitch


Smiley Happy

Re: Mixed results

Hey MB - that all sounds really good, you are more self-aware & in-control than you give yourself credit for... Would you be up for asking your psychologist to work through some practical things you can when you notice your negative thinking running away with itself??

Also, I'm not sure what to tell you about the spamming thing? It must have been something automatic that the system did... Looks like you accidentally posted this post twice, (I removed it now) - has that happed with other posts?? Coz I know that the system does temporarily disable you from posting if you post too fast in a row.... but yea it wasn't something us mods did, so definitely not something to worry about!

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Re: Mixed results

The psychologist has been focusing on not blaming oneself for everything.

That hasn't happened to any other posts, I got an email saying you replied but when I clicked the link it just told me I was banned from the site. At first I thought my schools network has spammed the site (the network is banned from Wikipedia for example) but I eventually got in