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Moving forward.

Hey guys!

Glad to be back on again!

I would just like to say Thanks to everyone that has helped me and given me advice as it really did help. Although I will probably have more depressive stages and come back on and write another message at the moment I am feeling pretty good. I have found a guy who knows exactly what it's like and he's always there to help me through everything.

Anyway, the point of this text is that it really does help to talk to someone! And even more if there older, as they knowledge would be wider! I'm not saying don't talk to your friends but I've found talking to someone older, even by a few years, helps so much more.

Never give up. Because eventually someone will come along that you'll be glad you met! Smiley Happy

Re: Moving forward.



What a great message. I think there is a tendency for people to only come to this forum when they need help, so it is great to hear you reporting back in from a 'better place' and saying how much RO helped you get there. 


As one of the aforementioned 'older' people, it is also kinda nice to hear that our collective wisdom and experience is of assistance. It makes it all worthwhile.


Also, you are right, you might have depressive periods in the future, but for now just enjoy the sun while it is shining and know that there are a bunch of young and not-so-old people here to give to chat when you need it.







Re: Moving forward.

what a lovely message Smiley Happy


Re: Moving forward.

Smiley Happy Yay for you. This is awesome and such a great thing to hear. Keep doing what you're doing and take care of yourself.

And you are so right. Talking does make it all so much easier. I sometimes think I should have started sooner, but really, this has been the right time for me.