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My Mom Is Abusive Over FaceBook

I originally started a Facebook account to keep up with Uni friends and for group projects at uni. 
My Phone broke so I started to use it as my main communication. 

However since my moms phone also broke we decided she and I could keep up and contact each other over Facebook. 
Bet here's the problem, ever since that happened she wants contact 24/7.
If I'm not on every hour of every fucking day she gets mad at me. 

I don't even use Facebook that much, like I barely use it monthly.
I don't want 24 hour contact with my mother, when she's at work. 
I actually want to be left alone (That's why I haven't bought a phone yet) I don't want to be hounded by her and other people all the time. 

But here's the issue, because she gets mad at me that im not on 24/7 she often leaves abusive messages. So I come back after not using FaceBook all the time and there would be just paragraphs of abusive messages e.g swear words and angry things on there. 

It's gotten to the point where I have a history of abusive words and messages on my FaceBook from her alone. 
So much to the point where it just makes me feel terrible just even opening up my FaceBook because I don't know if she's angry or if it's fine or not. 

I've started to legit feel anxious and depressed because of my Facebook going out of my way to avoid it. 
Like just today she got mad at me again.
I'm the only one she contacts so the pressure is all on me again (She doesn't blame anyone else for having no communication with her only me) 

It's gotten so bad that I want to permanently close my Facebook account and not use it anymore because I get this tightness in my chest and it actually stresses me out to use my Facebook now because of her.

I don't want to scroll back in my messages and see rows and rows of angry texts/ writing it makes me feel like shit.
I think she abuses the trust of me giving her my FaceBook and allowing her to contact me by FaceBook and it just leaves me feeling like shit all the time.  
I even get nauseous even thinking about getting a message from her when I login. 

I feel physically pressured and I hate it!
But If I delete it we will also have no means of communication in terms of emergencies etc. 

What's a good solution please? I'm stuck and stressed out by her. 


Re: My Mom Is Abusive Over FaceBook

Hi @YunoGasai
I'm really sorry to hear that you've been going through this Smiley Sad
I completely understand, seeing those kind of messages wouldn't make me feel good either!
Would trying to speak to her be an option? Like telling her how the messages are making you feel?
Otherwise would deleting Facebook be a good option for you?
Your happiness and wellbeing is so important Smiley Sad
Here for you Heart

Re: My Mom Is Abusive Over FaceBook

Hi @YunoGasai,


Sorry to hear you are receiving these kinds of messages from your mum. She definitely shouldn't be making you feel like that.


As @missep said, maybe you could try talking to her about how she is making you feel.


Or if that isn't an option for you maybe you could block your mum on facebook so she can't send you messages anymore and you can still keep in contact with your other friends?


Re: My Mom Is Abusive Over FaceBook

Hey there @YunoGasai, how have you been going?

I'm sorry to hear about the way your mother has been communicating with you. Opening up your facebook to find abusive and rude messages sounds stressful. The others have offered some excellent advice on how you could approach the situation, including talking to her or just blocking her, what do you think?


I am finishing with ReachOut this week, say good-bye here. I'll miss you all!