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My Parents Are Not helpful



I'm scared and need help. I have been coping with my voices and depression anxiety with medication. But Now I have a bigger problem that has been going on. My mum and dad are cusing my problems because they fight and my mother cuses the fights and my house has a lot of junk in it as well. I am scared because i never actually feel at peace  anymore when i lay down or when its quiet.the only why i can ignore them is stay in my room or play music. I was used to it growing up but now its getting to me as i got voices and more anxiety and been visiting physiologists. I haven't discussed it with them. My two sisters go in their rooms all day as well i have no one to talk to. My two sisters fight like that too. I can't calm down and Ive been like this for three or more days on medication. and this mourning I was depressed coming off some drugs because of headaches.The fights come out of no where my mum goes on about my dad being a jerk or swearing when he does the simplest of things And she has hit Him as well. I've written all this down in a book. For the therapists i'm just worried my parents will denies it and hate me after i have showed them whats been happening for all of my life almost.


I'm 15 and i can understand the arguments are over stupid things but their everyday. they never say they love me unless they ask and if i talk to them about this they think its bull-s33t. My mum doesn't hold up normal conversations. She laughs all the time when things aren't even funny and they don't care to much about any of my sisters and sit on their computers most of the day. My mum is all so over dramatic and then later judges people behind their backs  after a year or so later of that conversation or two days later if something goes wrong. I suffer form anxiety voices and depression all in one And now i feel i can't be in the same room with them. 


Things They do 

-There really noisy 

-they swear alot 

-my mum sounds paranoid 

-don't clean up normally 

How I Feel






-never happy 

I Hope I can Get Some Feed Back Before Wensday When I Show profesionals. But I Need advice? help. 



Re: My Parents Are Not helpful

Hey  thanks for sharing your situation with us, it sounds really difficult. I'm really sorry you're going through such a rough time at home. I understand how disturbing it is to have your parents argue frequently. It makes sense that you were used to it when you were growing up but now it's getting harder to tolerate. You're maturing now and are starting to have needs of your own so that you can create a life that's right for you. 


I'm glad you do have medication and are seeing a therapist. How long have you been seeing a therapist for? Have you told them about your home life before?


Considering how chaotic things are right now, you may not get acknowledgment from your parents. Maybe from their point of view, what's happening is normal and they don't realise the negative impact this has been having you and on your sisters. Maybe for now the short-term solution would be to come up coping strategies that can help you get through your time at home. 


In the meantime if you feel scared or helpless about the situation, you can call Kids Help Line and talk to a counsellor. They might even be able to prep you for your appointment on Wednesday.


Please take care of yourself and hang in there.


Re: My Parents Are Not helpful

@Mona-RO Smiley Frustrated

For Two Weeks Iv'e Had To Stop Some Medication Because  Of Headaches I've been getting

I take two types of medication. 

Right Now I'm taking only one of them for For Two Days Because When I Mixed Them Like They Told Me It Gave Me Headaches For two Days. lasting about 1-to 5 pm and 3 to 5 pm 

tommorow i'm taking the other one to see if that cused it but if it doesn't.

I'm dumping one of the medications. It Doesn't Really help to much like the one for my voices.


I Haven't Told the physiologist because My mum might get really pissed at me and complain that she is not doing anything wrong and if I go deeper into the situation. They will call welfare or something about my house being messy and stuff. But I want to though because its been to annoying and want it to stop and the mess has been there since i was 7 less now but still there. 


I'll call kids helpline them tonight even if my parents hear. But Hopefully I can Get Some Ear Plugs because we also have a dog. Thank You I need advice. Smiley Happy 


Re: My Parents Are Not helpful

 have you had a chat to your doctor about stopping the medication? Sometimes stopping them suddenly isn't a great idea, and if it's not helping you they might be able to suggest a different one.


I can also understand your worries about duty of care (them telling your parents/calling welfare). Basically the way it works is that they can't report what you say to anyone unless you're in immediate danger (as in, you're likely to get seriously hurt if they don't intervene right now). I obviously don't know all the details about your situation, but generally if they have to file a report it's only to keep you safe.


 I'm really glad you're planning to call Kids Helpline tonight, though. Let us know how it goes Smiley Happy

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Re: My Parents Are Not helpful

@lokifish It went really bad. Now my mum is hyperventilating and stuff like she normally does the person from kids help told me. To tell them. I really don't know what to do. But I went there and explained everything to her and stuff. She told me it doesn't look like I'm in imideate danger. But I don't think the situation will calm down. What should I do now? In the other meeting. If anything doesn't calm down. Help!

Re: My Parents Are Not helpful

Hey  sounds tricky, we're definitely here to support you through this Heart. What are you worried won't calm down specifically? The appointment, the side effects or how it will affect your Mum?

Let us know, then the community will jump in with some ideas to help you feel a little more at ease.