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My Story


Hi All! I'm a 25 yr old girl.


I had a big event happen to me nearly 2 weeks ago tomorrow. One of my cats died (of old age) after we had her from age 5 -20 years old. It hit me like a truck hitting a brick wall. I was in shock the first night and threw up. Next 2 days i was sad but okay. From Monday or Tuesday i was a total mess. My anxiety hit the roof and my fear of death came back after being okay for years. I worried about my parents dieing me, never seeing my pet in heaven etc. I couldnt eat and still am struggling.

Just a few days ago the sexual thoughts about kids/children have come back quite bad (I had them years ago). They are ruining my life and stress me out mega. I feel i can't be around kids at all and if friends/family found out about them thy'd hate me and want nothing to do with me.


I've seen my pysciatrist and 1st appointment she was like get over it my cat and death


I was sooo bad this week yesterday i took myself to my local hospital because i couldn't cope and wanted to be in a mental home. I went to emergency then had my blood pressure done.They took my sugar level and thats cause i hadnt eaten. Then saw a doc then a phyciatrist from a mental hospital then phyciatrist and another. Thye told me go home and rushed me out. Thye didnt want me to be in there as of other peoples illnesses.


MY family and friends have been great support group for me and i thank them dearly


I'd love to talk to others with Aniety, OCD, depression etc


Re: My Story

Hi girl87 and welcome to the ReachOut forums! Smiley Happy


First up: I've had to edit your post as it contained medication details and we cannot permit discussion of medications here. Take this opportunity to check out our community guideines; there's some great advice in there about how to get the most out of these forums. If you're unsure about any of your meds, talk to the professional who prescribed them or seek a second opinion from another medical professional.


You mention in another post that you worry some of the thoughts and issues you're having are related to your OCD. One good tip for handling OCD is to practice waiting as long as you possibly can before acting on your compulsion.

In addition to this, to help manage your anxiety, it's worth trying a few different relaxation techniques to see if they help calm your mind somewhat.


If you're unhappy with your psychiatrist, don't be afraid to let them know. Some have different approaches and I've heard that some people need to try more than one before they find someone who suits them best. You can try finding a different one or asking for a referral.


It's great to hear you have a great network of people to support you and help you work through this. Smiley Happy


There are others on this board who are going through similar experiences as yourself. I'm sure they'll make themselves known when they're ready. In the meantime, check out the search function, browse around and read some of the stories others have shared. You might find something that helps!


We look forward to seeing you back here soon. Smiley Happy


Re: My Story

hi girl87

your cat passing away from old age sounds like a really confronting experience. i hope you're feeling a tad bit then you were on thursday. when someone close to me passed away recently it was quite a bit of a surprise cause it was the first time i'd actually known the person. it does make you think about a lot of things doesn't it ? having family and friends around really helped me cope and like yourself i'm grateful for their support.

have you read any of the stories of people who have gone through similar experiences ?

here's the link if you wanna peruse through it