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My bf has changed

@scared01 @WheresMySquishy @mrmusic @Jess-RO  @gina-RO Im just letting u guys know that I agent been ok for a couple days


Idk what’s changed with my bf but he’s changed, everyday he’s on his game and only replies when I video chat him, that’s all he wants to do, and idk what to do I really don’t want to lose him, but maybe it’s not gonna work out😭😭 honestly he means everything to me but he’s changed, he’s always on his game lately and I feel like I’m second, even tho he says I’m not he doesn’t prove that I’m first, and every time I bring up him and his games I’m a bit*h for bringing it up, what do I do, so I don’t lose him??

Re: My bf has changed

Hi @Cheeseburger, that's disappointing Smiley Sad Have you tried meeting up with him in person during this time? I think it could be a good idea.

It could be that something has changed in his personal life and he's responding by playing his game a lot.

Re: My bf has changed

@WheresMySquishy  it’s a long distance relationship, but honestly he won’t talk to me anymore properly he just sends, 😍these a lot lately

Re: My bf has changed

hi @Cheeseburger im abit confused as im not sure which bf you are with. is this the one that was moving in with you or is this a new one?
it sounds like you might need to have abit more of an open chat with him and ask him what is happening and share some of your feelings as youve done here. perhaps hes going through a rough time? or finding the long distance relationship a little challanging? or perhaps something else but isnt sure how to talk about it...

maybe a msg like
hi ____ (name)
ive noticed youve been distant with me and have noticed your on your game alot
can we talk more about where this is heading?

thats just an example of course
**NEVER be afraid to ask for help because you're WORTH it!**

Re: My bf has changed

@scared01 It’s new bf, things we’re going good, but all changed after the first week.


i try to have a chat with him, but it ends up him getting pissed off or me upset, so it’s hard to find out what’s going wrong.

Re: My bf has changed

welp I had to break up with him he became angry, and chose his games first, so now I’m single and I’m concentrating on myself

Re: My bf has changed

im sorry you broke up @Cheeseburger concentrating on yourself for a while sounds like a good idea.
please keep reaching out for supports during this time
**NEVER be afraid to ask for help because you're WORTH it!**

Re: My bf has changed

@scared01  @WheresMySquishy it hurts so badly that he never actually cared, HE CHOSE HIS GAMES, over the girl he ‘apparently’ loved, I didn’t wanna lose him😭😭 but I just couldn’t handle him sending me emojis instead of msgs, he went like how my other ex from earlier this year..... my ex at the beginning of the year, started out texting then turned to voice msgs, and then he lost interest, that’s exactly what this guy did he started out with texting and then turned to voice msgs....... I’m just gonna stay single, and fall in love with someone once I actually know them longer

Re: My bf has changed

@Cheeseburger, I'm sorry about the breakup Smiley Sad It must have really hurt to feel like you were second to his games. I'm sure that the pain will lessen in time and you'll eventually find someone who will treat you well. In the meantime, it would be a good idea to surround yourself with supportive friends and family.

Sending big hugs your way Smiley Happy

Re: My bf has changed

Hi @Cheeseburger,


Thank you for letting us know by starting a new thread about what has been happening.


Break ups are a difficult time so I just want to echo @scared01 and @WheresMySquishy's posts- make sure you are looking after yourself. Are there any activities you enjoy doing that can help you to get through a break up? Even something that makes you feel good about you?


You mentioned that you are going to focus on you at the moment and that is such a healing experience- good on you for prioritising some self love right now Heart