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My classes are like my worst nightmare.

At my school, we have 2 campuses, year 7-9 at the first, 10-12 at the other (im in 10)

At the second campus, your subjects consist of Maths, RE, English, and LOTE (if needed)

then you have electives, your sciences, arts, english, drama, etc.

mine? well i have G Science (General Science), Visual Communications, Media, French and WWS (Writers workshop)

the problem? that's in my science. See, its not the subject i hate, or the teacher, not even the work. Its my entire class. lets devide them into 5 groups. Group 1: the popular students, these are your typical students with their iphones, fancy clothes, etc. Theyre not too bad.

Group 2: these are the "jocks" the sports group. The loud and obnoxious group. They come an easy 2nd.

Group 3: they're the students who actually wanna do well. Have a thirst for knowledge.

Group 4: the worst of worse....This group has the bullies of the school. The leader; she sexually harassed me when i was 13. 3 years ago. Her servents, they dont bully me. infact, one of them apologizes for the leader's actions towards me. This group, is number 1 on my hate list.

Group 5: this isnt a group. its a person. Myself. Im the person who sits around, drawing, or doing Exam Prep for the next month.


Why do i hate this class? Group 4 is the answer.

Can i sit in my normal seating (front row, the only row completely empty) and not be disturbed? Nope.

Can you imagine what its like to try and do your work while you have 3 girls annoy you and bug you about your sexuality, your skills, your knowledge. Does the teacher notice? Of course not! have i seen a teacher about this? absolutely! Has anything been done to change this? No.

It had gotten to the point where i would have to SKIP! SKIP!! my classes because of these students. No, my parents werent included into the class room chaos, but my teacher did note on my report i missed out on significant classes. This isnt what a 16 year old should go through. I have told teachers numerous times about her and this is the first time they allowed her into my classrom!


Re: My classes are like my worst nightmare.

Hey @Unknown_user_, sorry you're not getting along with the people in your science class. It sounds like you are doing really well to cope with (and possibly enjoy?) the work considering the classes you've missed. Well done also for focusing on exam prep for the next month! That is often so incredibly hard to get started.


Sexual harassment affects people in different ways but know that no one deserves to be sexually harassed. Even if the harassment occurred in the past, speaking about it with a professional can be beneficial. I'd recommend reaching out to Lifeline, they're available any time and are there to listen to anything, big or small.


I'm sure you've already seen RO's article on bullying but I am wondering if you have seen this story?


What does the ideal situation look like here for you? Are there steps you can take to get to this?


Re: My classes are like my worst nightmare.


Have you spoken to the general science class teacher about how she's disrupting you?
Could you point out to her that you're being harassed during class when it's happening?

Re: My classes are like my worst nightmare.

ive attempted to, its no use

ive tried to switch classes,

again, no use.


Re: My classes are like my worst nightmare.


Ugh, that has to be so dang frustrating! Perhaps even worse than frustrating Smiley Sad 


I think you need back up. Who in the school can support you to sort this out? Is there a counsellor? A teacher who you feel comfortable having a chat to? 


There is always more than one way to sort out a problem!


If you get the people you're unhappy with to behave towards you differently, would that make things a bit better?


You listed 5 groups, is there a group you would feel comfortable being a part of if you could? 






Re: My classes are like my worst nightmare.

i would prefer the bullies just stayed away from me.

theres no group id rather be apart of, they're all as bad as each other.


Re: My classes are like my worst nightmare.

Hmm, okay @Unknown_user_

I think perhaps it's time to find some back-up. Got a teacher you feel comfortable chatting to?


It may seem counterintuitive, but this is definitely a thing a school counselor can help with. Chatting to one will help with obvious things like feeling a bit crap about what is definitely a not very nice situaion. Although they will also have your back if you need some help getting a teacher to look out for you a bit better!  


So if you don't have a Teacher you're comfortable with having a chat to, then i highly recommend having a crack at that. 

Let us know how you go?



Re: My classes are like my worst nightmare.

Hey @Unknown_user_ sorry to hear your experiences at school aren't very good. I understand what it feels like, I really struggled with school myself. Everybody else's answers are spot on and hopefully very helpful to you so there is no need for me to repeat it. Just know that it will be ok, maybe not immediately but it'll be ok.
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