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Re: My family kinda hates me and I'm starting to hate me too

@Tiny_leaf  Wow, I've been thinking about getting my own medicare card too. I didn't realise you needed to show a visa. I thought it would be just proof of identity. Why would the gender options matter to the healthcare provider anyway?

I'm sorry to hear about your family situation. Smiley Sad It's kind of similar in my family. A lot of them are in the healthcare profession themselves but hold the attitude that unless one of us is on death's door, visibly very unwell or they have the same condition themselves, referrals and treatment are unnecessary. I think a lot of people forget that pain and a lot of conditions are subjective and invisible, so they shouldn't be quick to judge. I hope your family will end up changing their attitudes and treat you better. Maybe like some of my family members, they will just need to hear from the specialist themselves. Even though I'm older than you, I still often  take a family member with me when I see a doctor because they help me remember information and can provide observations of my symptoms.

Do you have any members of your extended family or a friend who can give you a lift to a doctor? There are also home doctor services, although I think they're available on medicare and might not be available in certain areas.

Re: My family kinda hates me and I'm starting to hate me too

@Tiny_leaf  According to one of my family members, you can also pay a doctor directly rather than having it bulk billed. I think the rate varies but one of my family members who is a GP charges $40 per consultation.

Re: My family kinda hates me and I'm starting to hate me too

@WheresMySquishy you need 1 proof of identity and 2 proofs.. proves? of residency. 

And I don't know.. even if they meant sex and just said gender for some reason it'd be excluding intersex people..!

And that sucks... 

And no.. I don't think that there is... most of my family live a while away and I only have one (human) friend irl...

And I probably couldn't pay for regular $10 appointments.

I can't even go to school regularly yet alone work and all of the money I do have is going towards getting the service dog that the NDIS refuses to fund... the training alone is I think tens of thousands so I'll have to do part of it myself.....

And the new old government thinks that the NDIS is fine as is, so that probably won't change in the next three years at least, so I'm on my own with that. 


I'm sorry if I'm rambling too much I'm just really stressed..

Re: My family kinda hates me and I'm starting to hate me too

@Tiny_leaf  Wow, that's too bad. Smiley Sad I feel sorry for you.

That's so frustrating the NDIS won't fund a service dog. I've heard that going through the NDIS is like 'trying to get blood out of a stone'. I've heard of a lot of people who have had bad experiences with them. I know someone whose doctors seemed to have botched his back surgery leaving him disabled (I think they're in the process of taking legal action against them). He now has to walk with crutches, use a catheter, cannot drive or work and has muscle spasms and jerking. He tried to get the NDIS to fund equipment for his home but all they would fund were the crutches. I have also heard of someone with multiple sclerosis and needing care not being able to get anything from the NDIS. We are trying to go through the NDIS to get equipment for my sister but I doubt they will end up funding the full cost. I've heard that there are other schemes that people can go through but I don't know much about them. I personally find it really crazy that they would pay for things like chiropractors but deny people things like guide dogs and some home modifications.

My sister's occupational therapist was really knowledgeable and helpful about these kinds of things and backed up our applications to the NDIS. Getting the opinion of an OT could be an option and might help support your funding applications.

Re: My family kinda hates me and I'm starting to hate me too

@WheresMySquishy I have a support coordinator, OT, support worker and clinical psychologist... 

The NDIS is very enthusiastic about making me normal (making new friends, looking normal in social situations) but not about improving my quality of life (assistance dog, Riding for the Disabled, ect.)

That's probably why they funded the crutches ("normal people are seen walking around") but not the catheter (no one's gonna know how he goes to the toilet, that part of his disability's invisible and therefore "irrelevant")


Blood from a stone's pretty accurate...

Re: My family kinda hates me and I'm starting to hate me too

I swear the whole stupid thing's just a facade (right spelling? idk..) to hide the fact that disabled people aren't getting our needs met. (you may be noticing a tiny bit of bitterness coming from me....)

Re: My family kinda hates me and I'm starting to hate me too

On a less bitter note:


Image result for gif of doug from up


I found this. 

Re: My family kinda hates me and I'm starting to hate me too

Image result for gif of dug from up

Okay I've officially decided that my service dog shall be Doug from Up. Smiley Tongue

Re: My family kinda hates me and I'm starting to hate me too

@Tiny_leaf  You could be onto something there. I've noticed how it's usually the in-home equipment and home modifications that people have trouble getting from the NDIS. I think they also denied him an adjustable bed (like a hospital bed) that he would have been able to get in and out of better. I feel really sorry for that family. It's a shame because people don't ask to be disabled and the NDIS is supposed to make things easier for people, not add to their stress. Smiley Sad

Awww! That picture is so cute! I remember that movie (only seen it once I think). Dug is so adorable.


Re: My family kinda hates me and I'm starting to hate me too

Have you heard of a game called Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective? There is a dog character in it called Missile and I wish I had him as a dog! He's so loyal and loving to his owners! It was pretty heartbreaking to see him die (and return) a few times over the course of the game. My sister and I played through it and we both fell in love with him. I think he was based on a real dog that passed away recently.


I think this is the real life version: