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My life feel so unfulfilled

First off, I do have a close-knit circle of friends whom I love very much, and I have no social problems whatsoever.
But whenever I think of what I'm doing, I realize that I'm not doing much at all. Well, I do desire my life with a bit more excitement, but sometimes these things are just situations that I can't create by myself.
I like drawing, in fact, I love it. So much till I'm also in charge of something like a manga strip in my school magazine. My parents say that if you enjoy drawing, means I filled my life with something to do.
I draw because I wanted to portray or draw out what I would like to happen to me in an alternate timeline or something like that. I fill that world with so much colour and emotion and people like it a lot. But when I see that idealized version of my life and the real me, I just feel so..... bland.
So right now, I feel like utter crap, spending my days creating a whole universe in my imagination where life is so much more eventful.
But don't get me wrong, I don't just want happiness in my life, because with all the joy comes sorrow as well, and that's part of the package of what I call the "perfect life"
Which brings me to my next point, I did share my opinion to a few of my friends on my view of life and they said that it was a little dark and sad, but I can't really blame them. To me, life is just a time period where I'll exist and I'll go away, it's just a matter of when. Before and after this existence as a person, I wouldn't be remember anything that happens/happened in my brief stay as who I am currently. I'm not suggesting any self-harm or anything, I'm just stating my opinion on a life. But for me, I get the feeling that if this goes on, my journey is gonna be lame, and in monotone, which is saddening although I'll most likely forget.
Even if my life is as boring as it is and limited by the constraints of logic, I still crave something more than just this.... but I know, that is out of the question, out of my reach, and that really is a damper on my life.
People at my age worry about girls and stuff, but I haven't even sorted myself out and all these "adventures" that are supposed to be the pinnacle of our youth just doesn't seem to go my way since we live in a world that heavily relies on the ideal of society.
I just feel like there's a lot more potential in my life, but I'm just not lucky enough to be put in these situations, and my inability to act makes me loathe myself :/

Re: My life feel so unfulfilled

Hi @Plethora


It's good that you were able to express how you are feeling on the forums.

From your post, it sounds like you want something more in your life but you believe that it is out of your reach. Could you tell me what sorts of things you are craving for in your life?

Re: My life feel so unfulfilled

Hey @Plethora thanks for sharing that. That's amazing that you feel that way when you draw, such a valuable skill as well, art is one of the greatest gifts to our planet Smiley Happy 


Sounds like you feel like there's a more to your existence than some of the desires other people your age might have?  I get that feeling of having the alternate reality in your head that you can't get to manifest in real life. Have you thought about speaking to a professional about this at all? Sometimes they can help you reframe, or get to that next step so that you feel a little more fulfilled. Let me know!

Re: My life feel so unfulfilled

@ryvb3, I just want things to happen in my life, you know? Because as it is right now, I'm just living a static cycle over the course of my youth. It's just painful watching the days go by without doing much of anything and repeating the same routine. I'd prefer living a life full of both joy and sadness instead of a nothing-is-happening type of world.

And @Bree-RO, I haven't tried speaking to a professional just yet. I just feel like this is one of those problems you'll face growing up. And if I want to get stronger, I'll try to figure it out myself. Assistance from a professional will be something I'll resort to if i seriously can't fix it.

Re: My life feel so unfulfilled

@Plethorahave you tried volunteering or something like that? Joining a group in your community or volunteering is a good way to gain experience and meet new people.

You could try speaking to an online service such as Kids Helpline, Lifeline or Headspace to give you a little help if you need it, plus they're all free and available online or over the phone so it can be easier than going in to physically see someone. What do you think?

Re: My life feel so unfulfilled

@Plethora I guess a fulfilled life for you is one where you can look back and say "I've done a lot of things". But if each day you're doing the same thing, it's unlikely that you would experience the highs and the lows.


I believe one way a person can get out of this routine is by doing something new. Extra points if it's something outside of your comfort zone where you're uncertain of where it could lead you. 


As N1ghtW1ng suggested, volunteering is a good way to make life more interesting. You could even get a job, start a new hobby or even improve your drawing skills. Perhaps you could upload your manga strips on a blog or an art community like DeviantArt. Smiley Happy 


The possibilities are endless. And it all goes back to what you would like to do.


Does doing something new in your life sound like something you would like to do?  If so, what are some things you would like to do this year?


P.S. As I was writing this reply, I thought of this inspirational song.



Re: My life feel so unfulfilled

Hey Plethora! Just wanted to pop in quickly and say that, while it's perfectly normal to want to avoid asking for help (regardless of if it's from a professional or otherwise- parents, friends, teachers, etc.) unless you absolutely NEED to, it's often faster and a lot less painless to do it sooner rather than later. Better to get that weird mole looked at now than to find yourself fighting off stage 4 cancer 9 months down the track.

(Okay, that's a slight exaggeration, but you get the idea. To use a less dramatic example- my parents are repainting the house, and as I'm staring at the unevenly layered, misshapen, and dripping mess that is my bedroom wall, we're all starting to realize that it might've been a better idea just to hire a painter to do it for us in the first place.)

Re: My life feel so unfulfilled

It sucks that youre feeling so unfulfilled.

It sounds like you have a real talent for art and although you can't jump into the lives of your characters, you are giving others a great insight into an amazing world by putting it in your school magazine. There are probably people at your school that absolutely love reading the comic strip that you create and look forward to reading it every issue and thats just awesome that you can bring joy into others lives by doing something you love. It might be a good idea to start submitting your comic strip to other publications to spread this talent to a wider community.

I think there is definitely a stereotype from tv and movies that your teenage years are supposed to be full of fun and adventure and I personally have no extraordinary adventures to report from my teen years, I coasted by not doing anything particularly fantastic, my only real talent was academic, which isnt exactly a jaw dropping talent that takes the world by storm. 

But since graduating high school and entering uni I have had the chance to become involved in so many more fun things that make me feel like I'm here for a reason and that I can make a difference in the lives of others. I recently got back from a study abroad in the UK and travelling around Europe and although my life at home seems boring now in comparison it also makes me think about all the wonderful adventures I might have in the future. Being young also means having time to experience new things, you never know what road you might take and what adventures the future has in store for you and I think thats a pretty exciting concept.


It can be scary to say yes to new opportunities or putting ourselves in situations that take us out of our comfort zones but sometimes saying yes can provide us with all kinds of adventures that we never thought we could be involved in. They dont always present themselves, sometimes we have to go searching to find new exciting things and sometimes thats half the fun Smiley Tongue

I hope this is somewhat helpful Smiley Happy


Re: My life feel so unfulfilled

Hello @Plethora,


It is true that fantasy often seems more desirable than in real life, but think for a moment if you were a character in your favourite book or movie. These characters are responsible not only for themselves but the world, they have no choice in the matter as their fate has already been predetermined. They have to kill or be killed, they have to watch their loved ones fall and they have to lead men to their deaths whilst knowing that if they lost, all these sacrifices would have been for nothing. Even though with stories you can predict that the hero wins 9/10 times, but in real life no one can predict anything. You do not know whether the next moment will be your last.


What i am trying to say is, is it not better to enjoy ordinary life? Sure life is a period where you exist and then die, but the gift to live even the most mundane days is something you should treasure. Some people are denied of that and you are chosen to live and be without pain and sickness for a reason. You do not know what will happen in life, it is a fluid thing that changes on a whim. Some people became millionaires over night, others went bankrupt almost instantly. Keep believing and keep that wonder and curiosity about you because one day, you may find something worth living for.


There is no need to conform to the standards of society. Just because it works for many does not necessarily mean it works for you. Everyone have missed out on opportunities, but as one door closes, another door opens. It is not about luck, or being at the right place at the right time. It is just being brave enough to take that leap of faith. But before that, take small steps at a time and go out of your comfort zone at least once each day. Do something different, you are more likely to look back and regret things that you did not do than things which you have done.


"I shall be telling this with a sigh
Somewhere ages and ages hence:
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference."
The Road not Taken- Robert Frost


Best of luck.


Winter Rain