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My women has seperation anxiety

How can i help my women deal with her anxiety better she doesnt like being away from me and theres not much i can do about it because we just started dating a month ago we are really in love with each other and have a close relationship already and are happy with each other. We both have limited visitations. So we can see each other when ever we want but we cant sleep over each others place all the time. But we do plan on getting an apartment in a couple month's together. And shes been thru a lot nobody really cares about her and shes been in abusive relationships before and was beat by her previous man he even tried to kill her so she quit dating for a while until she met me and saw how nice and loving and caring i was. Having her with me all the time doesnt bother me but i can't do anything about the living situation. Like if i tell her ill call her back in 10mins and she got to wait 15 mins or 20mins she starts getting really upset and thinks i forgot about her at times. I always keep reassuring her that everythings alright and that she will be alright and that we will have our place soon. I am getting a monthly city bus pass to see her everyday cause she moved an hour away from me. It effects me to we both dont like being away from each other. I suffer from high anxiety and stress myself. We both been thru very similar situations so i understand it. Its effects me to im happier with her but when i come back home i start having seperation anxiety cause id rather be with her to. But she seems to be being brought down a lot by it. I told her we a really good relationship but she gotta stick it in that sometimes good things come to you but they might have obstacles at first in the beginning. Her problem is she also doesnt know how deal with all she been thru. Ive sat down and talked to her about that to and told her shes having all these different emotions because shes been thru a lot, and that she needs to slow down an relax that im not going anywhere.

Re: My women has seperation anxiety

Hi @Coolguy5577. It's really cool that you want to help your girlfriend with her anxiety, even though you're dealing with your own worries. It sounds like she was in some pretty scary relationships in the past. Sometimes people who have been through that kind of trauma need lots of kindness and reassurance to help them feel safe again. If you're the person who needs to provide all that reassurance though, it can be pretty draining emotionally. I think what you've been doing so far is great - making time to see her when you can, letting her know you care about her and that you understand what she's going through.


Getting some professional help can really help with managing anxiety symptoms. It looks like you might not be based in Australia, which is where ReachOut is located, so unfortunately I don't have contact details for services in your area. I would recommend looking up a local counselling service or helpline. Another option would be to speak to someone at a domestic violence center, since they specialise in the types of experiences your girlfriend has been through. Don't forget to take care of your own emotional wellbeing too! It's like the safety demonstration in a plane, you have to fit your own oxygen mask before you can help others.