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Need somewhere to hide

I feel like I need somewhere safe to hide, like in the woods or even in a city, just where no-one can see me. Does anyone know somewhere that I could go where I can't be touched? The only place I can think of is hospital and they won't let me go there because I'm not actively suicidal rn. 

It feels like the world is out to get me and my partner isn't replying to my messages which is freaking me out. The world feels really dangerous and it's making me want to throw up. 

Re: Need somewhere to hide

I feel like maybe I should go to the cops and explain that the world is really gross and they need to do something but I also know logically that's a bad idea. 

Re: Need somewhere to hide

Hi @DruidChild 


That sounds really scary...

Are you in Victoria or another state sorry? (Just need to make sure anything I suggest won't be illegal)


For now might hiding under a blanket help?

Re: Need somewhere to hide

@DruidChild  yes @Tiny_leaf 's suggestion could be good would you be able to build a blanket fort and hide in there for a while? i am sorry everything is feeling so horrible hopefully it settles soo. 

Re: Need somewhere to hide

@Tiny_leaf I'm in NSW so no restrictions or anything to worry about. That's a really good idea, I could grab my weighted blanket and hide under that, thank you. Heart


@Eden1717 Thank you so much yes I will definitely try using a blanket. Heart


I'm feeling a bit worried that the world might be an evil simulation tbh. 

Re: Need somewhere to hide

@DruidChild  I can relate to that worry it can be really scary thinking things like that. hopefully the weighted blanket helps 

Re: Need somewhere to hide

@DruidChild I hope that you're staying safe and feeling a little better. If you can maybe going to your closet, it sounds weird I know but it could become your safe space. You can pilows and blankets and a do not disturb sign up while you're in there. It could potentially make you feel hidden from the world. I hope that helps and I'm proud of you for reaching out and hope you can see that people are here for you.

Re: Need somewhere to hide

@Eden1717 @A_Friend Thank you both so much. I made a nest of blankets and pillows and did some drawing and watched TV and texted a friend. 


My partner's been talking to me via text through the night/morning which helps a lot, she's so good. 


Something really triggering happened yesterday and I'm still just feeling really. Dirty and frightened and like I need to hide somewhere safe where no one can touch me, forever. A closet would be really good but I don't have one unfortunately. And my bed's not high enough to get under. 

Re: Need somewhere to hide

Hey @DruidChild 


It sounds like what you experienced yesterday has really shaken you which I'm sorry to hear Smiley Sad. You mention not wanting to be touched - is that in relation to not enjoying sensory experience or is something else going on?

Re: Need somewhere to hide

Kinda I don't know why I'm feeling so bad though like it was a small thing and I'm not worried about it anymore but everything's suddenly worse like my abandonment anxiety and my brain is going really fast and I keep having strong intrusive thoughts?? And just. I feel really really ecstatic and also so so sad. It's weird. 


The not wanting to be touched is in relation to... something else.


I am trying really hard to cope i had a shower and made food and did some housework and I'm drawing again now. @Maddy-RO