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Re: Need to talk to someone

Isn't it fun when you spend ages trying to adopt a weight neutral approach to your own health so that you don't starve only to find out that the search phrase "mental health peer coach" is almost exclusively about weight loss/ management?

(No it is not.)

Anyway.... fuck this whole world.

Re: Need to talk to someone

I am sorry to hear that you have been feeling stressed lately @Tiny_leaf. It must be really hard for you to hear that there has been no progress yet. It's also a shame to hear about what you found when searching the internet. That must have been quite upsetting. How are you feeling now? Have you been able to do any activities or self-care tonight that has helped you feel better?

Re: Need to talk to someone

@Sophia-RO not really...


My parents decided to catch up with thier asshole friends.

Apparently stopping the spread of the very infectious stomach bug they all have wasn't enough to get them to cancel and I have a shitty immune system so looks like I'll be going down next.


Said asshole friends spent half the time making transphobic jokes and the other half violently throwing up.


If it was just one transphobe I'd say something but there was a group of them and I know from experience that no one will back me up.

Also the vomiting put me off.

Re: Need to talk to someone

Anyway I've been dropped off home now but the puke party continues because everyone's too busy throwing up to be able to drive home.

Re: Need to talk to someone

Wow @Tiny_leaf, a puke party sounds horrific. I am sorry that you had to deal with that, on top of transphobic comments. It must have been a very difficult and distressing night for you to sit through. Do you think it would have any impact if you talked to your parents about the comments that their friends make?

I hope you don’t get the stomach bug too - my fingers are crossed for you!

Re: Need to talk to someone

@Taylor-RO it was certainly something...

I think it might  be a little while before we see them again, and they made those comments as a "funny" "joke", not knowing that I'm trans so they probably won't make them continuously or anything.

But yeah my parents were there till about midnight hosing off stuff and throwing out all opened food and disinfecting everything because they at least take not spreading really nasty viruses seriously.


Anyway I was able to figure out what virus it was and it has a short incubation period, so I'll find out if I have it soon enough.

Re: Need to talk to someone

Okay so if I caught it I most likely would've started to show symptoms by now so I probably don't have gastro.

But yeah that was the worst dinner party I've seen in my life.


I'll be getting some new fish today which is good. I was going to leave it a bit longer but mosquitoes have started laying eggs in my fish tank and I need something to eat the larvae.

Re: Need to talk to someone

Oh my goodness @Tiny_leaf , I am just gobsmacked reading through this - I can't believe that people would think it's OK to come to a dinner party while they had gastro?!!  Between the puke party and the transphobia that sounds utterly awful and I'm so sorry you had to spend your night like that - very glad that you seem to have avoided the gastro though! 


What kind of fish are you getting? 


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Re: Need to talk to someone

@Janine-RO there was just so much that went wrong...

But yeah they came and brought their kids who were also sick and it went absolutely not brilliant and we ended up having to hose down the patio.


Like I thought we were safe. I thought after covid everyone had better virus prevention awareness. I thought that not going to events with gastro was a thing even before covid. I'm still kinda angry they didn't just cancel. They knew they were sick. They knew what it was.

But we only got all the information just before they all started being sick and by then it was too late.

The whole thing played out like a disgusting comedy sketch.

I'm still recovering, because I apparently have a fair amount of anxiety around getting sick.


Anyway everyone was thoroughly put off their food exept for the primary transphobe who continued eating barbeque chicken until someone pointed out his wife had been so sick she could barely stand and that he should probably help her.



Anyway.... I'll be getting ember tetras!! They're tiny orange fish and I think they're very cute. They're most transparent which I think is adorable.

I'll also be getting some small cory catfish. They're very wriggly and cute, I love them. The species I'm getting have an adorable little stripe down their sides.

Both species are tiny and peaceful, I think they'll get on well together.

Re: Need to talk to someone

Honestly @Tiny_leaf  my face is literally like 


Disgusted GIFs - Get the best GIF on GIPHY


That is just unbelievably disrespectful of them and I can't believe people would think it's OK to go to a dinner party with gastro of all things?!! A disgusting comedy sketch a funny yet horrifying mental image, and honestly I would still be recovering too. 


Your new fish sound totally delightful! Are the tanks in your room? That sounds like a really lovely combination of species Heart  

How does Leo go with having the fish around? 


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