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Re: Need to talk to someone

@Tiny_leaf  That sounds like a dinner party from hell. I think it is perfectly ok to still be getting over it. I have peppered Cory catfish they are very cute and love sitting together in their shoal and they like to swim really fast to the top of the tank and dart back down. Tetras are adorable but can be difficult to care for as there are some unique diseases that can affect tetras but they are very peaceful. 

Re: Need to talk to someone

@Janine-RO haha that was basically my face throughout the whole thing. Honestly there's more that happened but it's probably too gross to put here. 


Anyway, my family and I have passed through the incubation period with no symptoms so it looks like we managed to avoid catching anything somehow.


And hopefully the others have learnt a valuable lesson about taking gastro seriously.



One of the tanks, the new one, is in my room. I think so too, but then again I like pretty much every fish I see.

Ember tetras are adorable though.


Leo doesn't really pay attention to the fish, he loves trying to steal their food while I'm feeding them though...

Re: Need to talk to someone

@Eden1717 It really was...

I spent the last few days freaking out that I was going to get sick, but it looks like I've escaped that fortunately. I'm currently very grateful for hand sanitizer...


I have peppered corys in my larger tank, they're absolutely adorable!

For my small tank I'm getting pygmy cories, which apparently shoal even more than the larger ones.

That's good that they're peaceful, because the pygmy cories are so small that they can get bullied otherwise...

I'll have to keep an eye out for any weird looking health issues before I get them as well I think...

Re: Need to talk to someone

@Tiny_leaf  Oh how cute, yeah I had some neon tetras and they where fine when I got them but a while later go a disease that wiped them all out and this was like a year or 2 later so it wasn’t something they came with and the tank tested fine. And the other fish were fine and also small so couldn’t have eaten them. Anyway I hope the tank goes well and the fish enjoy their new home. 

Re: Need to talk to someone

@Eden1717 yeah I've heard neon tetras can be a bit like that...


Thank you, I hope so too.

I've put a fair bit of effort into making sure it suits both species so hopefully it works well.

Re: Need to talk to someone

So I still haven't got the fish.

I've been trying for the past week.

Re: Need to talk to someone

I've got the fish and they're tiny I love the. They're all about a centimeter long.

In a couple of weeks I'll increase their population and get some more babies bit for now I'm just letting them all adjust.


I haven't been able to be on for a couple of days because I had an iron transfusion, and me being me I got side effects and had an awful headache for like two to three days, but it's pretty much gone now and all of a sudden I feel so much less fatigued.

Turns out my iron was pretty low and that's why I've been feeling so tired and dizzy.