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New Zealand Terrorist attack: How to deal with racism, and distressing news events

Last Friday, 15th March, was a heavy day for a lot of us. 50 people were attacked and killed in a Mosque in New Zealand by a terrorist. It was all over the news, and distressing images and videos were being shared online. 


When a tragedy like this happens, it can be really overwhelming to know how to respond, and how to look after yourself. It might feel like things are hopeless, or like the world is a scary place. Remember that there is hope, and that we're in this together. 


  • Looking after yourself when dealing with bad news 

We have some tips about how to deal with bad world news in an article here.

An important one to remember is switching off- disconnecting from the internet and the news cycle is more challenging than it's ever been. But it's also more important than ever! Having constant updates on the state of the world (and remember we usually only hear the worst of what's going on) isn't exactly what we need to feel happy and well. 


@Saltwaterdreamtime  posted a thread over here about how to cope with the bad news on Friday - check it out for some good tips on how to cope. 

We also had this thread a while ago about dealing with bad world news. 


What have you found helpful to deal with the news? 


this-new-zealand-artists-cartoon-is-being-shared--2-27765-1552770093-0_dblbig.jpgArtist: Ruby Jones 


  • Dealing with racism, and Islamophobia 

There has been a lot of compassion and support shown from the community in Australia, New Zealand and around the world. However, there has sadly also been comments of racism and Islamophobia shared by a few. These views, while they are the minority, can be really difficult to deal with. 


We can never really understand why people do awful things - but we have an article here about terrorism if you want to understand more about these kinds of events. It includes some tips about now to deal with news of terrorism as well. 

We also have an article here about racism.


Some things you can do to deal with racism are: 

 - ignore the haters. Easier said than done, but try to connect with people who value and love you, and ignore those spreading hate as much as you can. 

-share your story - speaking up about racism and about your experience is a powerful way to feel heard, and to let others know they are not alone. 

-connect with your community - this is a time to share in all the positive relationships you have with those in your close community. Share compassion, love and kindness. 

- speak up when you hear racism or Islamophobia -this one is for all of us to do, even if you don't feel like racism is directly affecting you.

Go to RacismNoWay for more on how to address and overcome racism


How have you dealt with racism? 


Re: New Zealand Terrorist attack: How to deal with racism, and distressing news events

I just want to post in here a statement made the ReachOut CEO, Ashley de Silva, on Harmony day following this event. 


"This Harmony Day our hearts are heavy, and we need only look at recent events to understand why.

A lone shooter – a terrorist – massacred 50 people at a mosque in Christchurch, New Zealand and social media and news outlets broadcast these graphic images around the world.

I know for many there is a sense of shame that this evil and harm was carried out by an Australian.

At the same time 50 people lay dying and many others injured in Christchurch, an elected representative in Australia spread fear and hate, linking Muslim immigration with violence and terrorism.

And in response a young boy, angry and upset by these comments, egged this elected representative and was then assaulted and restrained – and while it is always unacceptable to physically attack someone for their views, in this case it’s hard to ignore the context.

We know that right now, around the world, keeping people safe is an issue for all nations. However, keeping people safe should not be driven by fear and hate.

What is urgently needed now is leadership.

We need our elected representatives to make it clear that hate-filled speech and hate-filled violence must stop.

We need our media outlets to stop giving air time to hate, under the pretext of freedom of speech.

We need our technology companies to take greater action to stop hate and images of violence spreading through their platforms.

And as individuals we need to remember that our words matter.

This Harmony Day what we need is compassion, and to remember that no matter their race or faith, everyone belongs."

Ashley de Silva
Chief Executive Officer
ReachOut Australia


Re: New Zealand Terrorist attack: How to deal with racism, and distressing news events

Thank you for sharing this statement @gina-RO so, so important.

// Spiral outward, keep going. //

Re: New Zealand Terrorist attack: How to deal with racism, and distressing news events

Thank you for sharing @gina-RO I had goosebumps reading this. 


'remember that no matter their race or faith, everyone belongs' Heart

Re: New Zealand Terrorist attack: How to deal with racism, and distressing news events

This is really great info to have. A great idea!