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Re: New episode of illness (tw)

Hey @Tiny_leaf, how are you?

Re: New episode of illness (tw)

Hi @xXLexi_Lou122Xx mostly tired.

I managed to forget to eat for most of today and unsurprisingly that meant that I had very little energy...

Mum was able to reheat me a little bit of food though, so now I'm probably just gonna live off chocolate milk till dinner.

How about you? 


Re: New episode of illness (tw)

Oof. I do that too sometimes. At least your mum heated some food for you. Mmm... Chocolate Milk... I've been more into Iced Coffee lately. But that's probably because we never buy chocolate milk as much anymore.

I haven't been able to sleep properly for the last two weeks, which is really weird. And I've been trying to put myself on a diet, because I got banned from sport and gym. My gp said so, but I don't agree with it.

But that's all that's going on so far.

What have you been up to?

Re: New episode of illness (tw)

@xXLexi_Lou122Xx I've recently banned myself from coffee entirely; it has the complete opposite effect on me than what it should and long story short I may have gotten drunk on coffee somehow(..?)

So after staggering around, texting a friend (my grammar was terrible and she seemed pretty amused by the whole thing), collapsing on the couch and spending an hour or two not completely conscious, I decided I should probably not repeat that experience.....


It sucks that you can't do sports... do you think you might be struggling to sleep because you aren't able to do as much exercise?


And I've been giving my kitten cuddles and planing a headspace appointment.

My kitten has been helping me by walking over my keyboard and spilling my cup of water when I left her unsupervised for a minute... 


Re: New episode of illness (tw)

@Tiny_leaf lol!
Cats are adorable in that way, am I right? Smiley Happy

I don't know about that. I haven't been able to sleep for two weeks now, and I only got banned on Tuesday... But that could be part of it!

Lol... Getting drunk on coffee you say? It's the same for some other people I know too. But I really want to see that scenario now... from your perspective and your friends. It sounds pretty hilarious alright! Smiley Tongue

I better head to bed, but I'll catch up with you tomorrow. Smiley Happy

Re: New episode of illness (tw)

@xXLexi_Lou122Xx They are!

I love the lil' furballs, even if they're secretly demons Smiley Tongue

My other cat's really sensitive and slightly dramatic.

I am forbidden from ever touching his whiskers, though I may rub his paw pads so long as I do it in a clockwise direction. If I pick him up when he doesn't want to be held he'll sigh and huff until I put him back down. Also if he's kneading on a blanket I'm not allowed to look, or he'll get embarrassed and run off.

He's a good boy. Smiley Happy


And yup! I can't figure out how it's even possible - coffee actually blocks the receptors that make you feel like that...

I cannot figure out the science behind it..! (yes I am a bit nerdy)


I hope you sleep/ slept well!!


Re: New episode of illness (tw)

Sorry for the super late reply @Tiny_leaf. Since I saw the eye doctor, my eye symptoms flared up heaps and sometimes, I couldn't even open my eyes and it hurt to look at any source of light. I'm not sure if it's a side effect of the new eye drops I'm on, if it is allergy or weather related, or an exacerbation of the underlying problems. I physically couldn't tolerate doing much. Smiley Indifferent Luckily, I'm not having many symptoms today. My sister is back in hospital, so that's good.

I think that's so sad. Smiley Sad I've volunteered at a nursing home and a lot of the residents can get really lonely. They get volunteers to spend time with them but they often miss their families and want to be back with them. At least the staff take them out and make sure they get out of their rooms. I've read a lot of horror stories of elderly people's health deteriorating because someone has left them in one place all day, every day. I honestly don't know how those people could live with themselves. My grandma is hard to be around but I still feel bad about leaving her alone, even if it's not for long.

Hahaha, ask my grandpa. I think he believes too much of what he reads in newspapers and takes the results of studies too literally. A lot of this type of research is correlational rather than causational or experimental and people sometimes forget this. Gerson therapy is another pseudoscientific kind of diet that a lot of people believe in, sometimes with tragic results. I hear about a lot of things like coffee enemas that are hard for me to take seriously because of my university education. I just don't understand the thinking behind how it will cure cancer.

It sounds like your team isn't all on the same page. Smiley Sad I think a lot of people try to project their own opinions and assumptions when they try to 'cure' things. Autism and being queer aren't bad things. They don't need fixing. I think there are a lot of people who come from loving families, communities and cultural backgrounds where things that other people might see as a problem aren't an issue for them. Some psychologists in history have sadly tried to project their own worldview and culture on others.

Coffee has some weird effects on me too. Most people I meet assume that I like it, but caffeine isn't for me. One of my specialists told me not to have it. It actually changes parts of your brain too. It's a shame because a lot of people in my family basically live for tea and coffee.


Re: New episode of illness (tw)

@WheresMySquishy oh ouch...

I hope things sort themselves out a bit, or you get more used to the new eye drops...


I once found an Autism Mom online who claimed to have cured her son with the "autism diet", because he suddenly became a lot more verbal. (the diet was basically no gluten or dairy)

She was like "well he did start speech therapy at the same time, but that can't take credit for all the improvement". 

When you include the fact that autistic people are more likely to be gluten or lactose intolerant, and that people with upset stomachs tend to be a bit less chatty...

Let's just say that I don't think she's "cured" anything. Smiley Frustrated


And exactly!

It'd be like me going to a doctor and them trying to make me take growth hormones because I'm a little short!

Which honestly wouldn't surprise me at this point....


"Some psychologists in history have sadly tried to project their own worldview and culture on others." Sigmund Freud. My school's psychology teacher worships him.

When asked about how his theories related to people who weren't male or female (they don't), she actually said "No, that doesn't happen." I'm not sure if she was invalidating the existence of non-binary people or ignoring the existence of intersex people.


I'm okay with tea for some reason, coffee just... breaks chemistry when I have it..


Re: New episode of illness (tw)

@WheresMySquishy are you online still?


Re: New episode of illness (tw)

@Tiny_leaf  Yep! Just doing some other stuff at the same time. What's up?