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Not coping with university

I honestly don't know if i can do this. but i dont have any other options my family isnt rich i dont have other options and i am trying so fucking hard but nothing is ever enough and i am so exhausted and everything is a mess i can hardly take care of myself and i cant even get the energy together to contact the right services to try and help and I am only just passing and i dont have any more energy to give to uni i cant physically give what is required to do this and i dont know what to do anymore i want and need this to work but i just dont know if i can and even with support it is never enough. I really dont know what to do anymore i am so tired. 

Re: Not coping with university

Hey there @Eden1717,


From your other threads, I hear that things are difficult right now. Studying at uni can definitely be a difficult endeavour, it can be hard to find the energy to do the things you need to do. It is amazing that you are passing, as the saying goes: "P's get degrees". It's okay to not be getting as high grades as people are always saying you should, just passing is enough. 


In regards to getting support, is there anyone at uni who can help you contact the right services? It's okay to lack the energy to contact them yourselves, but if they might help then asking someone else to do if for you could be an option, what do you think?


I also found some other threads on the forums around struggling with university studying. Some may have suggestions you've already heard but there might be some new ones. There's Succeeding at study while mentally illmental health and studying and lastly our Uni Student Support Squad


I think you've mentioned it somewhere before, so I'm sorry for asking again, what are you studying?


I am finishing with ReachOut this week, say good-bye here. I'll miss you all!

Re: Not coping with university

@Jay-RO  there is no one who i can really talk to about helping because it is the same process which is the thing i am struggling with in the first place. and yeah i get passing is fine but i literally only just passed one class like it was the exact minimum mark to pass and that means that i have to do well in all my other assessments and i dont have room if i cant manage one later. honestly i just dont think i can do this and everyone says oh well you can get an extension but what point is that if you cant do the freaking work in the first place. and even getting the extension is exhausting so like none of the help is actually helpful. like it takes me literally weeks just to make one stupid phone call i can hardly keep up with my washing and cleaning and ugh i just cant freaking do it. there is too much and i am completely alone and i am exhausted and i just cant i just dont know what the heck to do anymore. 

Re: Not coping with university

That sucks @Eden1717, sorry to hear that things are so difficult for you right now. Are you able to decrease your study load or defer for the trimester? It is okay to struggle with university, it is a very challenging journey. It is very courageous to admit that you are having difficulties and there is no shame in that. Have you ever thought of speaking to Disability Services? I am not sure if this has been mentioned on your thread before. Often you can chat to them and they can develop plans to make your journey easier Heart Here for you.

Re: Not coping with university

@Taylor-RO  I cant reduce my load or deffer and i have already talked to disability services but there is literally nothing anyone can do to help uni wise. 

Re: Not coping with university

It sounds like this is all causing you a lot of stress @Eden1717, trying to take care of yourself and manage your studies AND seeking support let alone knowing exactly where to seek support from is so much for one person to juggle at once and I can definitely relate to that feeling of just not knowing what to do anymore.

You mentioned that you spoke to Disability Services but that there was nothing they could do to help support you, have you reached out to anyone else about how you’re feeling right now? Even friends or family?

Re: Not coping with university

@linkinpark13  my family and friends live 18 hours away they cannot help. 

Re: Not coping with university

I imagine that the distance from your supports would make things even harder I’m sorry to hear that @Eden1717 Smiley Sad

I know that my university has counsellors on campus that can help guide students to the appropriate services and lend a helping ear - do you think that giving something similar a try if your university has any similar services would be something you could do?