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Re: Not doing well

@Eden1717 the sensory room idea would definitely be helpful, I'm actually going through the process of redoing my bedroom to make it more like a sensory room. (Plus make it less triggering to be in...)

But that's going to be long term as well.


I'm trying to push through I'm just scared that I'll end up in hospital again...

Re: Not doing well

@Janine-RO I'm going to check in my appointment tomorrow.

Even the thought of waiting a day is just really painful right now. 

I've been really agitated for ages and I'm still waiting for.. something.

Every minute is painful and there are so many minutes until tomorrow. 

Re: Not doing well

Hey @Tiny_leaf , that sounds really hard. Do you have any projects on the go at the moment that you could lose yourself in for awhile? I can hear how exhausting the waiting and agitation must be Smiley Sad 


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Re: Not doing well

@Tiny_leaf  That sounds like a good idea, I understand I am in a similar situation it is frustrating having to wait for things to get better or improve do you think throwing yourself into a project might help or maybe can you ask if you parents can spend more time with you or a friend or something? Idk it is difficult. 

Re: Not doing well

@Eden1717 @Janine-RO honestly the agitation is making losing myself very difficult, I am trying though.

It's hard..

I'm so tired.

Re: Not doing well

Hey @Tiny_leaf I'm really sorry to hear it's been rough for you - and that the waiting stage is so agitating and tiring Smiley Sad
I am quite curious - what kind of things do you use/like to make your room more sensory?

Re: Not doing well

@JazzInMay It's still in progress, but a few things:


Repainting the walls. They used to be a horrible hi-vis yellow. They're now painted to look like mountains.


Changing out the carpet with cork. Cork is relatively  warm and soft without triggering my asthma. Also it muffled sound.


I'm trying to keep to a simple set of colours, and add lots of textured things like rugs.


Weighted blanket plus a heap of stim toys.


Hopefully a fish tank plus some live plants.

Re: Not doing well

@Tiny_leafthat sounds like a really soothing and soul-warming space! Especially the mountains on the walls I feel would be quite calming and the weighted blanket as well, I have heard good things about those.

I'm really glad to hear you have quite a few things in progress for things in your room that are bringing a sensory soothe.

Re: Not doing well

@Tiny_leaf  That sounds so exciting! You'll be able to feel a sense of accomplishment when it's all finished.
I haven't changed the look of my room in a long time. Some years ago, we changed the colour of the walls from a lilac colour to shades of dark blue and light blue and got new furniture and a nicer bed. We added a nice warm rug too. It was so much fun! I'd like to add things like pegboards (I've seen a few cool ones) and other decorations but haven't had time.

Re: Not doing well

Hello @Tiny_leaf, I am sorry to hear that you are feeling agitated and tired. It sounds like things are really hard for you at the moment, but it is great to hear that you are still trying Heart By the sounds of it, your room is really well set up! It sounds very relaxing and soothing as @JazzInMay mentioned. I hope that being in your room and being surrounded by all those soothing decorations helps you feel to feel better!