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Not feeling fulfilled

I've been working on this issue for quite a while now. I have learned a lot of stuff like cooking, playing all 3 types of guitars, drums, composing and my grades are quite good just to name a few. But it really bugs me because I don't really feel like I have accomplished much of anything. I really did learn all this but my inside tells me that "it's not enough". As such it affects how I think, and I can feel how it has affected me. I feel kinda down most of the time and I keep thinking what does life amount to for being human. It's almost like I see the world in monochrome instead of a colourful, cheerful life for a person like me. I am well aware that perfection is an ideal that's impossible to accomplish, but I'm uncertain if who I am right now is enough to prove some worth to myself.

Re: Not feeling fulfilled

Hey @Crunchyness!


It's a shame you're feeling like that since I feel like learning to cook/play a range of instruments/compose music/maintain good grades all simultaneously seems like a massive accomplishment on its own! 😯


In regards to thinking "it's not enough", are you able to go more in-depth as to why you feel that is the case? Do you have any goals you've been aiming to achieve in regards to your abilities in those areas? 


Honestly, I really do think you need to give yourself more credit for what you're able to do. ☺️


Re: Not feeling fulfilled

It's kinda hard to explain. When I do all this it feels good, but not great. I know I haven't "mastered" any of these traits and it's pretty hard to, but still it leaves me with something like an empty hole as long as I am not "accomplished" so to speak


Re: Not feeling fulfilled

Hey @Crunchyness, I'm sorry you're feeling that way about your current situation. I feel like I can relate to what you're feeling in a way - a while ago I used to seem to always have this feeling that even though I was doing cool, impressive things, I still wasn't reaching my full potential or my ultimate goal (even though I didn't know what that was). Does that sound similar to what you're going through?

Sometimes it's really hard to see all your achievements in the way that they're being seen by other people. And it's super easy to feel like you need to be doing something more than you're currently doing. Something's that I've found really helps is just joining obscure hobbies to try and get more interests and feel more accomplished. I've tried more athletic based ones (boxing, kung fu, tai chi, Latin dance) but getting out and just trying something new every now and again really helps me when Im feeling unfulfilled. Do you think this is something that could work for you?

Re: Not feeling fulfilled

Hey @Crunchyness. I suppose one of the hardest things we can do as humans is practicing self-love and truly being proud of our achievements. Sometimes it doesn't feel like enough. I just want to tell you that you are incredible. All of those skills are amazing! I find it hard to gain a sense of fulfillment over the things I have done. It helped me when I wrote a list of all my achievements, small and big - because then it helped me to see how much I actually am doing and have done and that's pretty amazing. Go you! Do you think you might like to try the same?


I also wrote a list of the things bugging me that I wanted to achieve and wrote steps of how I would get there so that I could see my progress. You can and do achieve. Well done.