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Not happy about myself.

Hi, I am new to this forum, all I really need is someone to talk to.

I have suffered from school yard bullying all my life and it still affects me today.

I am now 20 years old.

Several times throughout a normal week, I get depressed and feel like I have

done something wrong. I feel like everything I do isn't good enough.

I am not suicidal. I have never shared my problems with anyone because

the last time I did I was told that I was 'selfish and that i only talked about myself.'


I want this voice in my head to go away. Is there anyone out there who can help.

Re: Not happy about myself.

Hello cincinnatti,

Good on you for hopping onto the forums to get some help. It doesn't matter if people call you selfish. These feelings and thoughts are real to you.

Have you tried talking to anyone about the things you have experienced in the past? There are a lot of different people you can talk to about getting some help with managing your thoughts and feelings.

Here are some fact sheets which you may find useful:

And there are some great helplines available too:

Kids Helpline
1800 55 1800
Chat Online

1800 650 890

You can talk to people online with both of these services.

Hope you find this helpful. Smiley Happy

Re: Not happy about myself.

Thank you _sagira_ i did find these articles helpful.

I have a similar voice inside my head telling me that i'm not good enough.


Re: Not happy about myself.

I've had similar struggles in the past of feeling like I'm not good enough, and I found that the most important thing for me was to learn to control my self-talk and challenge the negative self-talk. Ask yourself, what evidence do you have to suggest that you're not good enough? What evidence do you have to suggest otherwise?

Like sagira said, perhaps you should think about talking to someone about the bullying that you've experienced in the past? But remember, no amount of bullies or negativity from anyone else (or from yourself) can affect you unless you let it. Ask yourself: why should these peoples' words have any impact on me at all? For me, I found that things improved a lot when I learnt to just stop caring what other people say or think.

Perhaps you'd like to have a read of these as well:

Hope that helps!

Re: Not happy about myself.



I think its great you reached out to the forums to seek some help/advice/opinions on how you are feeling.


What you posted would reach the thoughts of so many others, including my own. Often I end up not happy about myself because I take the words or actions of others to heart. Similiiary the same has happened to you through the harsh and demoralising behaviour of bullying.


Instead of focusing/listening and being consumed by thoughts that make you unhappy about yourself, how about trying to write down the positive things YOU like or love about yourself?

Write a list and put in in a place where you can see it and read it to remind yourself of your great qualities.


Our community challenge this month on reach out is to write down 5 things you love about yourself, others and life. You should check out what people discover about what they love when they take the time to reflect. Might give help you think I love that about me too Smiley Happy


Hang in there.




Re: Not happy about myself.

hi cincinnatti2107

that really sucks that the school yard bullying is affecting you. i have to say it's great that you're on here doing something about it though. so good on you for that !

taking care of yourself is never ever selfish. it's important and the smart thing to do. there's lots of great threads on this forum to help keep things positive.

the "what makes you beautiful?" is a good one Smiley Happy

see you round ?