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Re: Nothing is changing

Thanks @JanaG and @Eden1717 

I had a feeling I was sharing the wrong amount of information but also had no idea if it was too much or too little - autism can be fun like that..


@JanaG I've had medication changes a few times so mostly just hoping that it works and doesn't make anything worse.


I hadn't seen anything specifically from this psychologist suggesting I'd need to share a lot of information, it's just that with most places I've tried I had to be mentally ill enough but not too mentally ill plus also the have the right way of being the right type of mentally ill to even be accepted into treatment so it's probably just my brain trying to get that whole part over with..


@Eden1717 I like that idea. Yeah it takes me a while to open up to someone so honestly that's happened a few times already...


Re: Nothing is changing

Hey @Tiny_leaf 


I can see why you were unsure of how much information to share. It seems like you're just trying to make sure you get the right support by giving all the information that is relevant. I think @JanaG hit the nail on the head - there's a good chance they'll want to run through privacy and confidentiality before getting too much information from you. 


If I was getting in touch with a psychologist I'd probably just include 

- My name 

- The name/location of the gp that carried out the mental health care plan with me and the gp that referred me to the psych (or where I found their details) 


When you have your first session they will likely gather information about you such as family history, health, diagnoses etc. 


Hope you're able to get an appointment soon! Heart 


Re: Nothing is changing

@Tiny_leaf  I also take a while to trust someone actually usually i have to see someone for a few years before i start actually talking about stuff which i guess is why so many professionals get frustrated and leave. still it isnt something i can really do any faster even though i try. it is hard as well because sometimes even if there isnt anything wrong with a professional they still might not be right for you personally. it can be hard finding a balance of expressing how bad things are while also not sounding too intense. is Autism your main diagnosis? you dont have to say but i saw you mentioned meds and while they can help if that is the main issue there may be other things you can try as well because there arent specific meds made for autism..... 


Re: Nothing is changing

Thanks @Bre-RO 

Sorry that I took a while, my notifications were a bit dodgy on Friday so I didn't receive any of them..


@Eden1717 Same..


And autism is my most "stable" diagnosis, but not what I'm being treated for. I like my autism.

I'm on medications for what seems to be "disorder x". No one can agree on what it is Smiley Frustrated

It's basically depressive symptoms with psychotic symptoms.


Re: Nothing is changing

@Tiny_leaf  that is understandable. it can be hard to find a diagnosis.... how old are you? because if you are under 18 there are a lot of things they wont diagnose which can result in a lot of disorder unspecified labels until of course you hit the magic number. actually i was told that they didnt know what was wrong for a long time but it ended up they had something in mind but that it wasnt really diagnosed before 21 so they just kept saying we don't know it is unspecified and such. but dont stress too much i thought finding a name would give me the answers but it turns out they are the same as before a no one has any real answers or 100% fixes and the meds are all the same options as before so the label doesnt matter so much as the professionals knowing what the issues are.  


Re: Nothing is changing

@Eden1717 ugh I'll be 18 in like two weeks...

But all of the conditions people have looked at have recognized cases of early onset... in fact at least one of them are especially recognized in teenagers.

All that I can think of that they'd be reluctant to diagnose would be personality disorders, but I met someone at hospital who was younger than me and had already been diagnosed with one Smiley Indifferent



Unfortunately most of my professionals don't actually know what the issues are.

I even met some who basically refused to acknowledge my hallucinations because I hadn't been diagnosed with a psychotic disorder. Smiley Frustrated


Re: Nothing is changing

@Tiny_leaf  yeah I can relate to that. I was told by a psychiatrist that i couldn't possibly be hearing things because I didn't talk back to them while i was sitting with him for 10 minutes. I have been told by a lot of crappy professionals that I am making things up for attention because I am very good at hiding things due to having had to my entire life. it sucks though. as far as personality disorders you can be diagnosed but they don't often do it unless they have a long history with you or they are very confident. one of my diagnoses (schizoaffective disorder) was one they said they dont diagnose until 21 because it cant be a first episode but i have been having issues since 13-14 so it took ages and a lot of being throw around by the system. I was also diagnosed with BPD at 15 but that was after a lot of testing with a private psych. 


I have also read that it is hard to figure out psychosis with autism because things dont show up the same way and a lot of autistic people have sensory abilities that they do sometimes pick up real sounds, smells but that others just dont get them so it can get confusing. are you mostly accessing the public system? if so would private be possible? it is hard to make any diagnosis when there is no consistency with professionals and that is something the public system has a huge problem with.  


what do you think the issues is? or if you could guess what would you say you thought it was? I know you cant actually diagnose yourself but has there been anything you came across that you thought really sounded like you? 


Re: Nothing is changing

@Eden1717 I've been told exactly the same thing!!! Ugh it sucks..


I was told that my hallucinations of a confirmed-as-non-existent figure was due to "autism related differences in sensory processing". Smiley Frustrated

But I definitely have moments of "am I hallucinating or is it just a really far away noise that no one else noticed?"

I've also been refused treatment because I was "too high functioning" to have psychosis of any kind apparently.


I've been in both public and private, both have treated me pretty badly..

My school psychologist has been brilliant but her training more covers stuff like mild anxiety, exam stress and truancy so she's fairly out of her depth with me...


Yeah, I have a bit of an idea.

Persistent and major depressive disorders with psychotic features (possibly developing into a bipolar or schizoaffective disorder at this point but it could be med changes)

General and social anxiety 

Complex PTSD


But cPTSD can look a lot like BDP and isn't widely recognised, so it's entirely possible that they think I have that and decided that I cannot be diagnosed or treated for it till I'm an adult? Idk, the whole system's a bit messy...


Re: Nothing is changing

@Tiny_leaf  it is very frustrating, I have also been told I am too high functioning to be psychotic but quite frankly I have noticed that non-drug induced and drug induced psychosis present very differently in terms of outward appearances and in my experience the people who have naturally occurring psychosis seem much more functional but i think that is because they have usually been dealing with it for a lot longer. it is also hard because a lot of disorders have overlapping symptoms and that is why you need to see a doctor for a diagnosis because it can get tricky. 


the private system is not perfect and honestly even private has a large amount of professionals who arent equipped for complex cases but there are at least some. it also hugely depends on where you live because anywhere that isnt Sydney or Melbourne or the gold coast is basically out of luck for having many options for services. 


is there are reason you want a diagnosis? is it for validation? i can understand but just know that having one doesnt mean the options are any better or that they can help anymore because mental health is so underfunded that there really arent many options in general. well not for complex cases anyway. I had a psychiatrist tell me there was not a single service in the whole country that was appropriate for my issues and he was probably right but it still sucks. 


also just be aware that 17-20 is honestly a terrible age once you hit 20 things are a bit better in a way but 17-20 is confusing and there is so much pressure to decide your life and be an adult when you dont even know who you are but by 20 ish you start getting a bit more emotionally capable and even though things are still hard it is like you have more space in your head to deal with it if that makes sense. so if you can get through until then things might get easier. that said everyone is different but you are at a tough period of your life and try and be gentle with yourself you dont have to rush anything take the time you need to deal with things.   


Re: Nothing is changing

@Eden1717 the service which told me that actually doesn't accept people with drug induced psychosis anyway so idk how they'd mix that up Smiley Frustrated

Then again though it's entirely possible that the only way people with drug induced psychosis have to lie about it to get help..

Yeah, and I seem to get all the overlapping symptoms..

Like people have treated me for everything from mild anxiety to bipolar disorder so....


I know, I was looking to see if I could get into a hospital outside of WA. I'm pretty sure there are more psych hospitals in Melbourne alone than in this entire state..


I originally wanted a diagnosis to let me access services I need. Since I didn't have a diagnosis everyone just said they couldn't help. But then I found out that if an organization doesn't want to help they'll just ignore the previous diagnosis and call it a professional disagreement.

Now it's mostly to figure out wtf is going on, because knowing the name of stuff is useful for me.


Ah I hope so..