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Re: Ongoing Fluctuating Emotions - what's going on?

All I wanted was to have a good week. Go to work and earn money, see friends, chill out watch tv shows and movies and eat good food and get proper sleep and actually feel good being at home. 


But no - I can't have that. Instead I get stupid anxiety, false hope, arguments with my sister, sickness, I can't sleep and racing thoughts. Not even khl is helping. 


When I finally get to sleep and wake up I really hope Tuesday is better because everything feels shit and stupid and the past few days have been shithouse :/ 

Re: Ongoing Fluctuating Emotions - what's going on?

Hey @mspaceK, I don't know if there's anything I can do to help, but if there's anything you can think of I'll be up for a while. I'm sorry about how things have been recently..

Re: Ongoing Fluctuating Emotions - what's going on?

I wish I could help you too @mspaceK.
But I'm probably a little too sick myself... Here if you need to chat.
But I will be at school, so I probably won't reply until afterwards. *hugs*

Re: Ongoing Fluctuating Emotions - what's going on?

Hi @mspaceK man this sickness of yours sucks... Is it the tummy sickness or like a flu? I feel like this time of year has a lot of sicknesses going around as well Smiley Frustrated I recommend trying vitamin C it's honestly so effective at getting rid of colds quick. 


Also, about your housemate, is she just very defensive or something? Have you tried to have a sit down chat with her about the clean up around the house? I totally agree with you that keeping the house clean is very important. If it's not hygienic there's more likely a chance of getting sick too! 


I hope your not too tired today, maybe you'll sleep better tonight since you didn't sleep so well last night. 


Also congratulations on your job! I'm assuming you got the call back?

Re: Ongoing Fluctuating Emotions - what's going on?

Thank you @I_am_not_Groot . 


I am very tired right now. I have been in and out of sleep all night and this morning and I feel terrible. I feel like curling into a ball and crying. I can't eat or sleep. I have no motivation to do anything except lay in my bed and try and sleep. 


It's some kind of tummy sickness. No flu thankfully and no headaches. Just pain at times, discomfort and urges to go to the toilet quite suddenly. 


Yes she gets a little defensive and when I bring up the things she is doing she turns it back on me or completely stops communicating with me altogether because she doesn't want to take part in the conversation. I feel guilty everytime I bring stuff up because that means I am putting pressure on her and highlighting things she is doing that are causing problems like the house mess - and she is having issues at her workplace and is quite stressed. Everytime she talks to me about it I get overwhelmed because this has been going on for several months. I'm so stuck. 


I work for 3 different employers. My weekend work is ongoing part time. My second job is potential call ins for teaching when schools need me, and my third job is casual pick up on the day if I don't get a shift from my 2nd job for teaching. It's a little confusing but yeah. 


No work today or tomorrow or Thursday. Back to work on Friday. 

Re: Ongoing Fluctuating Emotions - what's going on?

Smiley Sad my stomach pains won't go away and I've been up and down to the toilet all morning. I feel sick. I have my doctors appointment soon - I gotta be able to drive myself there Smiley Sad and i should eat toast. I haven't eaten anything today. Nothing is settling. Why is this happening ? Smiley Sad Smiley Sad 


Why does everything feel so miserable and shit? 



Re: Ongoing Fluctuating Emotions - what's going on?

@mspaceK  sounds awful Smiley Sad 

Are you able to get an uber there and back? I know it's expensive but given your situation, it might be more comfortable? 


Sorry that everything feels miserable and shit. It really sucks. 

Smiley Sad

I'm leaving ReachOut on the 5th of June Smiley Sad Say goodbye here

Re: Ongoing Fluctuating Emotions - what's going on?

I just got home @gina-RO . I feel a little better. I've eaten food and taking some stuff to help with my belly. Hopefully it goes away and this is the last day. 


I'm a little sad because I feel a little lonely but also anxious about my housemate coming home. I'm just going to try and get through the next few days and get better. 

Re: Ongoing Fluctuating Emotions - what's going on?

@mspaceK  i really hope the medicine starts working asap, and you start to feel better! 

Sorry to hear you're feeling lonely - understandable that you're anxious about your housemate coming home. 

It's such a tough situation for you living there at the moment Smiley Sad 

Sending you support Heart


If you're up for it, maybe you could scroll through some of the wellbeing activities here to see if there's any you feel up for tonight? 


I'm leaving ReachOut on the 5th of June Smiley Sad Say goodbye here

Re: Ongoing Fluctuating Emotions - what's going on?

I'm actually finding it really hard to do any of those wellbeing activities right now @gina-RO . I looked through the list and for some reason all of it is frustrating me. 


Today when I saw my GP i also told her that I didn't have good sleep and that I haven't had a good past few days but it felt like it didn't even matter. Everytime I think to myself that it's okay, you will be okay and you can get through this and when I have a glimmer of hope or motivation - it doesn't stay. It's like I can see the solutions on a shelf above me but it's too high up and every time i get close to grabbing it I fall down again. 


Recently every time I go to bed or I am alone in my room I feel like everything is just monotonous. I don't have any spark in energy and a get up and go attitude. I feel like I don't care and it doesn't matter. I don't feel like self harming or killing myself - but I don't feel okay either. And I don't want to be here and deal with all of this. Smiley Sad