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Re: Ongoing Fluctuating Emotions - what's going on?

@mspaceK That sound tough :/ I hope your tummy problems go away once and for all! For those kind of tummy pain things, I think its just finding the source of the problem and it will usually go away, even if it means trying a few more medications and tests. 


How did your roommate coming back go? Does she talk about the problem of the mess in the house as well? Maybe you guys can come to some compromise about that. 


What would you say the biggest problem is right now? Smiley Frustrated 

Re: Ongoing Fluctuating Emotions - what's going on?

Hi @I_am_not_Groot . I really appreciate you checking in with me and before I forget, I really like your username. 


She isn't home yet. She should be home very soon but I have no idea when. I'm not sure talking about the mess is going to help right now because she has shut me out to all that. She made that clear last night when she told me to leave her alone. Apparently I "bit her head off" when I told her that all the mess around the house is frustrating me. She says that she is "trying" and said "can't you see how hard everything is for me right now?" There has been a tiny improvement with the state of the kitchen but really miniscule. I really don't understand why she can't spend 2 minutes putting a load of washing on, or 2 minutes putting rubbish in the bin or 30 seconds to scrape her plate and rinse it or 5 seconds to take her used cups to the kitchen and not leave them laying around the lounge room.  I don't feel like I am being unreasonable or setting too high expectations. I have a certain tolerance level for cleanliness and even my boyfriend is getting frustrated with her and the state of our house and he even says that she just appears to be lazy :/ 


She is stressed because of her workplace but that shouldn't stop her from doing basic chores around the house :/ 


I don't know how to help her. I try but I just get fed up and mad and then I'm "the bad guy" and it makes no difference and then I feel guilty and like it is all my fault. 

Re: Ongoing Fluctuating Emotions - what's going on?

@mspaceK Thankyou so much! I was trying my best to be creative when I came up with that name. Also, there's no worries with that, I'm always here for if you need to talk. 


That's true, maybe don't talk to her about it yet. It's hard to bring up a touchy topic with someone who's stubborn... Has she always been like this, or has it just been recently? Also, does she have friends or anyone that comes over to your place? Maybe they will comment on the state of the house and she'll wake up to the mess. 


Also, I don't think you're unreasonable all, honestly doesn't take very long to do chores, particularly if you're also sharing the efforts around. I don't think you should need to mother her, she's a grown woman, imagine if she was living alone! It's not your fault at all, she needs to grow up and open her eyes :T

Re: Ongoing Fluctuating Emotions - what's going on?

Hey @I_am_not_Groot . She's home now and actually came to my room to speak to me and she wants me to join her watching shows and cooking dinner so that's a positive. You are helping by the way. The things you are saying and suggesting. 


She has been a bit like this for several months now unfortunatelySmiley Sad she just told me that she wants us to move to a new house and that she wants to start looking. I don't know how I feel about this right now. 


She is in a really good mood right now it seems so we'll probably eat dinner and watch shows together. 

Re: Ongoing Fluctuating Emotions - what's going on?

Hey @mspaceK. It really sucks that she won't do anything to help, and that the improvement is miniscule.
I wish I could help and support you, but I'm only a teen, so I don't know much about what's happening for you.
Here for you. Hugs.

Re: Ongoing Fluctuating Emotions - what's going on?

Tonight has been good. We had a nice dinner and then watched a show together. It was nice. @I_am_not_Groot . 


Having people to talk to is good support @xXLexi_Lou122Xx . I don't have many people in my life that I talk to, not about personal stuff anyway. I'm kind of a lonely person tbh. Smiley Sad i see people at work and have good conversations at my workplace. But we don't hang out afterwards and we only really talk about work. I just have my boyfriend and this one other friend that I see regularly. 


Even though tonight has been anti-dramatic and nothing bad has happened - nothing has changed. I still feel like something is wrong all the time. And i don't really know what I am doing with myself. 

Re: Ongoing Fluctuating Emotions - what's going on?

Hey @mspaceK.
That's good that you had a better night with your sister.

It really sucks that you still feel that there's something wrong.

Sorry if this post isn't much help. I'm still really tired this morning.

Hope you have a better day today. Hugs* . I promise I'll talk to you after school.

Re: Ongoing Fluctuating Emotions - what's going on?

Morning @xXLexi_Lou122Xx . Sorry to hear that you are feeling tired today. I hope you can get through school without too much hassle. Don't worry - just having people to talk to is helpful. 


Today is a new day - no work and I'm feeling a little better in my gut so far. Fingers crossed today goes well. 

Re: Ongoing Fluctuating Emotions - what's going on?

I haven't had a tummy episode which is good, although I am still not feeling 100%. I need to get up and have a shower and pack my bag to go see my boyfriend. I have hardly any motivation though because of how my body feels. I'm not excited for anything and I just feel flat. Still in bed. I do have a slight pain in my lower gut and I'm also hungry but can't eat Smiley Sad i can't get myself to do anything except lay here. I don't know why I am finding it so hard to be happy and positive. 

Re: Ongoing Fluctuating Emotions - what's going on?

@mspaceK  it's good that there's some improvement in how you're feeling, but given how ill you've been, its understandable that you're not feeling 100% just yet! It could take you a couple of days or a week or so to feel better. Give yourself some time to catch up on sleep, nutrition, energy etc. 


I also think it's so understandable that you're finding it hard to be positive and happy given what your body has been through - being ill can have a huge negative impact on mood - and there are other things going on for you that have been hard. Heart

Perhaps you could try to be gentle with yourself, and take things one step at a time. Don't expect too much from yourself just yet. 


I hope you enjoy spending some time with your boyfriend, and get a bit of TLC from him Heart

I'm leaving ReachOut on the 5th of June Smiley Sad Say goodbye here