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At times, i often feel overwhelmed. I dont think i really pressure myself to do well at school... but i do want to do well. I have a balanced life, but sometimes i feel like a failure. When things get on top of me, i feel restless. And usually the things are homework/assignments. Instead of doing them, i was told to avoid them. But doing that does not help either. I have now learnt to procrastinate which doesnt help.


Please tell me how i can stop feeling guilty when i do not spend all weekend doing school work... and how i can deal with feeling overwhelmed. (i have looked at the page on this website but is has not overly helped)

Re: Overwhelmed

Hey 012EmC


It is terrible that you are feeling overwhelmed right now and I can relate to that, I spend the whole weekend doing absolutely nothing instead of doing school work so you are not alone. It sounds like you really want to do well at school and it does take discipline and self-control. 


I have found a few factsheets that will be helpful to you. Here is a factsheet about feeling overwhelmed and ways you can face it. Here is another sheet about managing your time when you have school work and it has tools and tactics to help you to plan and I also found one on how you can study and take the pressure off yourself. This story has 13 tricks to get things done like making a diary, doing a to-do list and overcoming procrastination, this might really help Smiley Happy


I think feeling guilty is normal especially when you know you didn't do what you were supposed to do but sometimes you just have to move past the guilt, and take care of yourself. I sometimes let the guilt fuel me into doing better next time and organising my time better and also taking care of myself as well so I dont feel too overwhelmed. Here is a factsheet on ways to relax, this will help when you study so you are doing the work and caring for yourself.  


I hope this helps. Also if you need to talk you can always call Kids helpline on 1800 55 1800


Take care of yourself and let us know how you go Smiley Happy 

**Believe in the power of you because you are your own hero**

Re: Overwhelmed

Hi 012EmC,

I can relate to feeling overwhelmed. And to feeling guilty because I've procrastinated instead of studying. Really, really relate!

For me personally, I find that making a to do list helps with both the feeling of overwhelm, and in fighting procrastination. (And not a dream list of everything I'd do if I a perfect robot student who studies 22 hours a day, but the bare minimum I have to do (eg listing the assignments that need to be done and what the deadlines are).

Then I can break the list down into the small chunks of things I  need to do in order to get assignment done. eg - borrow a book from the library, or download an article. Being able to tick small things like that off my list makes me feel like I've achieved something and it helps me get motivated to do the next thing on my list. Smiley Happy

The other thing I do when I'm having trouble settling down and focusing on my studies is something called a pomodoro. Basically it's a technique where you use a timer (I use the one on my phone) and do short bursts of study, with a really short break after each one.

I will do 20 minutes, then have a break of 2 minutes walking up and down my hallway (so my body gets a break from sitting down, not just my mind!). Then another 20 minutes, with a 2 minute break afterwards.

What works for me is:

3 x 20 minute sets, with a 20 minute break after the 3rd set.

I can do a few of these in a day. It really, really helps me focus.


Hope some of these things help you! Good luck! Smiley Happy



Re: Overwhelmed

Hey @012EmC ,


How has the rest of your week been?

Re: Overwhelmed

Thank you everyone for your great advice! I have been trying not to be such a robo-student and stop comparing how much work i do with others around me. I have been making to-do lists and erasing the things off the list that i have done, keeping in mind not to become a robo-student. I am yet to use a timer, but will try it soon.


If i am still feeling unsatisfied with what i have done, how should i be satisfied? Any tips?


Thanks again for helping me!

Re: Overwhelmed

Hey 012EmC 


That sounds awesome, you are truly making changes in your life and I hope you are feeling alot better. 


I think my biggest tip is to relax and to do lots of self-care so if you do get frustrated, you can find ways to calm yourself down and be happy even for just a little bit. 


Is there anything you enjoy doing that can make you feel better? 


Take care Smiley Happy

**Believe in the power of you because you are your own hero**

Re: Overwhelmed

I cant think of anything that i enjoy... problem is when i leave things for a while i tend to stress about them more, it feels like i am procrastinating.


Got any tips?

Re: Overwhelmed

Hey @012EmC 


I could completely relate to you about procrastinating. It is the end of mid semester break for uni students and I haven't accomplished much. I am kinda beating myself up for it. What I had to do yesterday was call a helpline and talk to someone about it.  I chose Suicide Callback service (1300 65 94 67) but you could call Kids helpline (1800 55 1800) or Lifeline (13 11 14). You don't have to be in a crisis to talk things through with someone.


I also struggled to find something I enjoy and doing them for the sake of interest. I guess I am still searching for something I enjoy and it's ok to be that way.


Regarding the procrastinaton, the hardest part is starting the work. Sometimes when we have so much to do, we are overwhelmed by how much we have to accomplished that we ended up doing none of it. That could stress us out when at the end of the day, time has gone but the work is still there.



What you can do is set yourself a 20min block and tell yourself you would do some school work during this time frame. At the end of the 20min, you are allowed to walk away. What usually happens is at 30min you are still going. The hardest part is starting.   


See how you go Smiley Happy



Re: Overwhelmed

Thanks Doris! It is so glad to hear about how you have exactly the same problems. Thanks also for sharing your ideas. I will definitely try the 20minute idea, and will acctually get STARTED!!! haha


Thanks again!

Re: Overwhelmed

Hey, @012EmC ! Great to see you on the forums! Can't find anything that interests you? That's alright. I have to think before I can nominate my own interests! Could it be that there are things that interest you without you knowing it? Do you enjoy nature, for example, but don't recognise it as an 'interest'? Or walking? Listening to music? TV shows? What are they? Why do you like them? Cos they're funny? Comedy could be an interest? How about exercise? Is it something that is of interest to you? Don't stress, buddy. You'll develop interests. Don't have that as your aim, though. Just let it happen...