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I'm so over all of this I can't manage it all I feel so lost and so defeated because everytime I try to work through things I fail or another comes in to knock me down I am fucking over it all

moving house,
dealing with my brother,
I suck at my job,
I'm failing trade school,
i just hate headspace I do not want to go back there again and
my stupid head is telling me stupid things

I don't want to resort back to self harm but I know I'm going to no matter much I don't want to

My god I am such an idiot can't do anything, can't even go to a stupid appoitment without bailing out half way through, can't even pass my work at trade school or get some of it done on time.😡
Fuck I'm stupid
//You can stay afraid, or slit the throat of fear and be brave//

Re: Overwhelmed

Take a few deep breath mate. It's not over yet!


Like you, i am under a lot of pressure at the moment regarding study, work (graduating soon), family, parents etc. Back when I was juggling 28 hours of study and 24 hours of work per week, I had the best advice given to me from my tutor: take a few breath, sit your self down, repriotize your list of what to finish first. For example:


First and foremost, focus on sorting out moving, talk to your teacher, or master that you are moving, i am sure they will give you some leeways.


Second, your job: maybe you are thinking too much about everything else when you work that you cant focus? Maybe make a list of what you want to do before you start working so you can focus, and when you have a break or then do the things on the list?


Third study: my current course is pretty tough, there are times when I look at my book and i want to throw it out the window and puke. But you need to keep encouraging yourself that you can do it. I am definitely sure you can! From your posts, i am confident that you can do well. Maybe get a few tips on how to focus? You will be amazed on what a focused mind can do in a test.


Encourage yourself more! I know this sounds overused, or clitche, but YOU CAN DO IT!!! Tank through this! 

Re: Overwhelmed

@lovin each day I'm not sure about Jay but I needed to hear some of that too. Very helpful, thanks Smiley Happy


@j95 I can really relate to feeling overwhelmed and like everything is too hard. Sometimes it feels like nothing's going our way, but I admire how despite feeling like this, you're always trying to find a way through difficult situations. It takes a lot of strength to keep up that fight dude.


Try and take things one step at a time. Break each of those things down and work through them bit by bit - the 'big picture' is often overwhelming whereas smaller goals are more achievable. I'm full of cliches but you've come so far already - you can make it through all this.

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Re: Overwhelmed

Hey @j95 - I know it's overwhelming and you do have a lot going on.... I'm trying not to go into fix-it mode, coz I know you are resilient and know yourself well enought to figure out a way through all of this - and you maybe just wanted to vent for a moment - which is totally understandable....

Coz it's a lot that you are dealing with and you maybe feel like there aren't many people for you to lean on in any real way... you've got a lot of responsibility and you have had it for a long time...

So yea it really is overwhelming sometimes and its crap and unfair but please remember:
3. break things down into small achievable steps and just focus on one step at a time
(ohhhhh look at that i ended up in fix-it mode!!!)

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Re: Overwhelmed



I'm not really sure what I was expecting of an answer, I was more just venting. Cause its all feeling like too much and I feel like everyone I've talked to says "prioritize" but thats pretty impossible when they are all really important. 

Thanks for those links again

I'll find my way through this, I always do, well I have to really...

//You can stay afraid, or slit the throat of fear and be brave//

Re: Overwhelmed

So inspired by your post in the DV thread though... you have to always remember that:

"i have been able to achieve something with my life and i am determined to be something and do something with my time in the world. i was constantly told i would end up being nothing in life, but look at me now - got a house of my own, got friends, play in a band, a full time apprenticeship, play footy both for local and in representative teams, and I'm working on my mental health issues!
From a difficult start and 15 years of absolute hell, I'm leading a fulfilling life, its been a long time coming but I'm proud of my ability to fight."

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Re: Overwhelmed

thanks Sophie. sums up what i should be proud of it doesn't it? i just have to keep that all in mind when I'm having a bad day.
//You can stay afraid, or slit the throat of fear and be brave//

Re: Overwhelmed

Hey mate, I know what you mean about the feeling that everything must be finished and everything seems equality as important. That's really when you need to take a pause and plan a bit. Prioritize simply meant to plan a possible path to follow.

I know it sounds complicated you will be surprised with what a numbered to do list can do. There are a lot of guides on WikiHow or other sites on how to reduce the stress but planning out a couple of steps ahead. (like searching (how to prioritize on google). I know it feels like there is a mountain of work ahead, but I am sure if you plan out the paths, focus on whats ahead one day at a time, you can get through this!

I myself have benefited through this a lot when times were really stressful, and hopefully, this can help you too!

Re: Overwhelmed

i hope you are feeling better today.


I just want to say that the last few weeks have been very difficult for me. Things just arent going right and I feel that i dont deserve it. 


I took a walk to clear a bit of head and told myself, hey. as long as I am doing the absolute best then I shouldnt give myself too much stress over it. Sure this doesnt solve any problems but at least I think I wont be too hard on myself.


Do the best you can, be strong and I believe we should be proud of ourselves.

Re: Overwhelmed

@j95 Hey dude, just thought I'd check in to see how you were doing tonight. Hope your week has made taken a more positive turn.