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Partner may be using ice

Hi...looking for some help/ partner and I are in our 30's we have been together for 18 months. Initially things were awesome, I had never felt so in love with someone before.we had dreams for the future and I felt as if I could talk to him about anything. Of late, more so in the past six months his behaviour has changed significantly.i used to feel that we really understood each other, now I feel like he is from another planet to me.
He has severe mood swings, will often yell at me and put me down.sometimes he can be very loving, at other times he just pushes me away.he suffers from depression and is medicated for this but I continue to get a nagging feeling that there is more to it.when he isn't going well he will often turn off his phone or not respond to texts and calls for hours.
I have started to think maybe drugs are involved as he is quite evasive and he mood swings are so day he may be lovely, the next he is someone completely different.
Lately he has been breaking up with me over what I feel a fairly minor issues stating 'I'm never going to be good enough for you', he says I put too much pressure on him to be attentive to so confused and I feel like I'm riding an emotional rollercoaster. Please help

Re: Partner may be using ice

Hey @Melzg 


Welcome to Reach Out. I'm so sorry to hear how difficult things are with your partner. It can be heartbreaking when a good relationship starts to go wrong.

Your concerns that he might be using drugs, are they based on something in addition to his changed and erratic behviour? The only reason I ask is that the effecs that drugs have on mood and behaviour are very similar to the effects on mood and behaviour that mental health issues cause. 

Have you asked him if he's using drugs? Sometimes peoplle struggling with drug addiction are desperate to disclose and just need a gentle nudge.

If you wanted to read some more about how different drugs effect people you can look them up on ADIN. This is also the best place to look for support services, if it turns out your partner does need help with coming off drugs.


I hope that helps.



Re: Partner may be using ice


I think you should encourage him to go the the GP for a variety of reasons


  • Its possibility that the medication for depression is not reacting to him (many people have to try out a variety of medications to find the one thats best for them)
  • The mood swings could be part of his general emotions (even the possibility of other underlyfing things --> but I like to discourage labelling).
  • if he using drugs, perhaps the GP could educate him on how they may be interacting with his current medication and causing symptoms.

Its best not to make assumptions but you could have the conversation with him in a non-judgmental and constructive way. 


Best of luck Smiley Happy


Re: Partner may be using ice

Hi @Melzg , it sounds like you're in a pretty crappy situation with your partner Smiley Sad But it's great that you want to still be there for him and support him. Have you had a chance to try any of the suggestions offered in the other posts? I hope things are starting to move in a more positive direction for you two. Please let us know what has eventuated, we are always here for you to provide help and support Smiley Happy Don't be jaded if the things you are trying aren't getting through to him either, just keep trying