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Re: Picking up the pieces and trying to move forward

I'm sorry to hear things are still so difficult @Eden1717 and that the call today wasn't much help. It's frustrating when people and systems let us down! Will you be seeing the samw doctor you saw recently in hospital or is it a new one? Hope it all works out! Do you plan on taking your meds for the two weeks leading up to it? 


Also.. cooking sounds like fun!! What did you cook?! I love to cook and bake!! Actually thinking of taking the day off on Wednesday to do just that because I've been having a bit of a rough time and find that sometimes helps cheer me up! Any suggestions for me with what I should cook or bake? Might hold me to actually doing it too! 😂


I'm wondering if it might be helpful at all to talk through why you may or may not trust someone? Like we could go through the list of people you're struggling to trust and make a list like the other one we made? Just to try and help get it out and see the thoughts on 'paper' and understand them a bit more? Idk. Just a suggestion! I just know sometimes I need a second opinion. Like there's people I often don't trust because of what's happened to me in the past but then others tell me I need to learn to try and trust them and that they really are only trying to help me. Idk. Trust is a hard thing to earn and once it's been broken so many times it's a challenge and a half to build it! 

Re: Picking up the pieces and trying to move forward

@Eden1717 I'm really glad to hear that you were able to do some cooking, and distract yourself a little with netflix Smiley Happy 


I can totally understand why you'd be feeling pretty anxious tonight, particularly after that phone call you had today. It sounded like your wellbeing in that moment wasn't really being considered by the person answering the phone. Is there anyone you can contact for a follow up, just so you can ask some questions around your new case manager? 


In saying that I think it might be a good idea to focus on sleep and trying to relax your body for the moment. Do you have any music that you listen to to unwind when you're feeling a little agitated?

Re: Picking up the pieces and trying to move forward

@Andrea-RO  I am not calling them they can get stuffed all they do is mess with me I don’t care anymore I don’t need them I am not talking to them anymore. I am listening to music now but it isn’t helping. 


@MB95  if I go it will be the doctor I saw last time, no I am not taking the meds anymore I don’t have to so I am not going to. I cooked fried chicken. You should make Christmas cookies that you can decorate because it is nearly December. 

Re: Picking up the pieces and trying to move forward

OMG YUMMO!!!! Fried chicken 😍 Something about fried chicken just screams GET IN MY MOUTH every time lol This is probs a hella dumbass question but... how exactly do you make it? Like do you have to coat it and stuff first? And does it go in the oven or in a pan with oil or something? Please explain cause I'd love to test it out! I actually bought some friend chicken seasoning but am so scared to attempt it cause I'll probs fail haha So any chef @Eden1717advice would be greatly appreciated lol 


I think you're on the money with christmas cookies! Actually you might be able to help me.. I need your opinion. I've been wondering what to get my psych and some of the support service guys for xmas to say thanks cause they've helped me through alot this year. Anyway, I'm struggling to sort out individual gifts for each of them so thinking of just getting my psych a gift and then baking a heap of goodies for all the other staff to share.. what do you think? Christmas cookies was on my list! Any other ideas? Or do you reckon it's a bit lame and overboard? Idk. I just wanna say thankyou some how cause they've done a hell of a lot for me this year to get me through uni and I want them to know I appreciate their support? 


As for the meds, I understand you not taking them. It's totally your call and if you feel that's the right thing to be doing then that's up to you. But please do be careful okay? I really care about you and your wellbeing and just want you to stay safe! Messing with meds doesn't always end well, which we both know so if you're struggling with side effects etc. please give your psychiatrist or someone a call okay? I'm trusting you'll do the right thing! Now where were we.. oh yes! Christmas cookies! 😍 







Re: Picking up the pieces and trying to move forward

Majorly echoing @MB95 's sentiments around the love of fried chicken and being V impressed that you made it yourself @Eden1717 ! I would also be keen to learn about how you did it Smiley Very Happy

I'm really sorry to read about the public team not being helpful and them still not assigning you a case manager, it all sounds incredibly frustrating, totally understandable that you don't want to call them. Were you able to get some sleep last night?

Christmas cookies to decorate is a delightful and delicious idea @Eden1717 ! And that gif is everything @MB95.

Have you got much on today @Eden1717 ?

Re: Picking up the pieces and trying to move forward

@Hannah-RO @MB95  for the fried chicken you have to make the coating and put that on first and then fry it in a pan with oil, but like enough oil to cover the bottom of the pan but not enough to deep fry it. But for me when I make it to make the coating stick better I like to dunk the chicken pieces in some raw egg first and then put the coating on and then fry it. And to make the coating just put whatever seasoning you want mixed with some plain flour and you should be good. It isn’t hard to make but it takes and while and is kind of messy but it tastes really good especially if you put the right ingredients in the coating. Anyway that is how I make it. 


@MB95  As for the gift options I think the baking something is a good idea and Christmas cookies would be both fun and seasonal idk what to do for the individual gift for your psych I haven’t got any ideas for that but I think the cookies would be a good way to say thanks to everyone. 


@Hannah-RO  I didn’t get much sleep. And I am supposed to be studying for something but I am struggling a lot. 



I am stupid for agreeing to try and make up one of my assessments but it is too late to back out now but I need to study and I just can’t for some reason. I just can’t even focus and I am so on edge still. I just still feel really off but I am going to try and write in my journal and see if that helps but idk it didn’t yesterday so we will see. 

Re: Picking up the pieces and trying to move forward

Woah the fried chicken sounds awesome @Eden1717 Smiley Surprised I have to try this!

MB95 gave me a recipe for brownies once and they were delicious (although my attempt was ugly hehe)

Sorry to hear you're still not getting much sleep. How have the nightmares been going? I hope the journaling helps today. Don't put too much pressure on yourself with the assessment. If you need us to encourage you you could always tell the RO 'library' what you need to work on hehe Smiley Happy Only if you think that would be helpful!

Re: Picking up the pieces and trying to move forward

@Lost_Space_Explorer5  yeah i like having the chicken with mashed potato. the nightmares have still been happening but they have been a little different, idk i mean i am trying not to put pressure on but at the same time i cant really avoid it. like i know i am going to fail anyway but still idk it is just stressful. 



ugh i am still really agitated and i am struggling to focus on anything even relaxing things. i just tried to write in my journal but that didnt really help. I am still getting lots of messages from the spirits but they seem to be waiting for me to implode before they start asking for things which i guess makes sense but it is going to be exhausting, anyway it is complicated. i just want to scream but i cant and i want to do some art but i cant focus long enough and i need to study btu again i cant seem to do that and i need a break from netflix and i just i am feeling very idk i would go for a walk but it is so hot and i keep getting scared every time i leave the house heck i am scared in the house too maybe i am just scared who knows. 

Re: Picking up the pieces and trying to move forward

Oh yo, my mum also taught me how to cook fried chicken with almost the exact same recipe @Eden1717! I totally get what you mean about it not being hard to make, but taking foreeeever. My housemate always steals pieces of chicken while I am cooking it, but I can never run after her cause I have to watch the stove 😅


It sounds like things are really intense for you right now. I can totally understand why you'd be feeling sick of watching netflix. I sometimes feel agitated, but I find it's easier for me to do tasks that have a little bit of physicality - do you have any hobbies where you can move your hands or body? Something like knitting, or sewing or cooking always seems to help me Smiley Happy Also I just wanted to quickly ask what you meant by imploding, is that something that you can tell us a little more about?

Re: Picking up the pieces and trying to move forward

@Andrea-RO Yes people always steal pieces of chicken while you are cooking it because it takes so long but it is worth it cause it tastes so good. I just tried doing some colouring in but idk it isnt really working super well and i had to stop for now. um what i meant by imploding hmmm i am not really sure how to explain that to be honest like i guess the thing is i thought i was choosing the path but i think it was chosen for me and now the ones who chose it are just waiting for me to arrive at my destination but that isnt the end of the journey that would really be the start because once i get to where they want me to be then that is when the real work will begin and i guess i kind of knew this and i mean it isnt like they wont help but it is just going to be a big thing but that is ok i just have to wait it out you know some things cant be rushed. idk it is hard to explain. but also like it isnt because i wont be like myself idk never mind it is hard to explain dont worry about it.