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Please can you all answer???

Last night I went for a shower straight after my dad. He was in there for a while. I was heading out so went in straight after him. I washed my body. I didn't touch my vagina at all but I used water from the shower head to clean it and shaved my legs and vagina with a razor in the shower that my dad may have touched? Then I had this completely irrational thought, could I become pregnant from showering after my dad was in there? What if he had masturbated or something?? And somehow some leftover sperm swam into my vagina because of the water pressure or came off the razor and entered my vaginal passage? My dad had even had a vasectomy (24 yrs ago) and I'm on the pill but I still can't get this irrational thought out of my head. Can someone help with some advice? Is this impossible or a SMALL chance??

Re: Please can you all answer???

Hi there @Deesam 


Based on what you have told us I would say it's pretty impossible that you would become pregnant from this. However, any medical advice should come directly from a nurse or a doctor. Why don't you visit You can speak to a nurse on the phone about your experience Smiley Happy


Re: Please can you all answer???

Pretty impossible? Oh dear. I was hoping to get an answer of absolutely impossible. I've already spoken to doctors who tell me no way that it could happen but I have this continual obsessive thoughts and doubts it consumes my life Smiley Sad( do I personally think it's absolutely impossible?

Re: Please can you all answer???

Sorry I mean do YOU personally think it's impossible?

Re: Please can you all answer???

Hey @Deesam 


Welcomme to Reach Out! I'm really sorry you've been feeling such intense feear around the possibility of being pregnant.


As you have contacted health professionals and they have informed you that it's not possible for you to be pregnant but your fear continues, you might find you get some relief from talking to someone about those fears.


This is a factsheet on Specific Phobia. Which is when you are extremey frightened of a particular outcome, even though your logical self knows that it's not really going to happen. Where you obbsess about it, over and over and no matter what people tell you to try and calm your fears you continue to be overwhelmingly scared of it.


If you give LifeLine or KHL a call, they have counsellors who can help with these types of thoughts.


Or if you contact your local Headspace, they can arrange for you to see a psychologist as well as a sexual health professional to discuss contraception and prgnancy with you.


Does that sound helpful?

Re: Please can you all answer???

Hi @Deesam , we aren't meant to give out medical advice, but in my own unprofessional opinion, it sounds impossible. @lanejane  had a good idea of contacting health direct if you are really worried.  

By the way, if it was that easy to get pregnant, I think there would be a whole lot more pregnant women around the place! In fact, some women actually find it hard to get pregnant even when they try!  Have you ever gotten pregnant from showering after your dad before? Have you ever heard of this happening to anyone? I haven't, but I do understand how sometimes these thoughts can seem rational and manifest, especially when we are feeling anxious.


Do you ever have problems with anxiety like this?

Re: Please can you all answer???

deesam, we can't give out medical advice - thats why we can't give you a definitive answer. But the fact that you are not reassured by the opinion of a health professional shows you might have some anxiety around these issues and you migth benefit from talking to a professional. Give eheadspace a go if you'd like to not worry the way that you do...

Online Community Manager

Re: Please can you all answer???

Hey @Deesam , like @tsnyder said we can't give you medical advice, however, I think you'll find that most people around the forums will agree with his 'unproffesional opinion'.


I definitely agree with the otheres that it's worth talking to someone about your anxiety surrounding this issue if it's still bothering. Being scared of falling pregnant when you're not ready / don't want to is a pretty normal fear, but if you feel it's negatively impacting your life and affecting your thought patterns then it's worthwhile talking to a proffesional. Hope some of these replies eased your mind a little!

Re: Please can you all answer???

I can't believe you guys all think that maybe there's a chance of it happening?!! I had kind of got the thought out of my head and said no way that's impossible but now read these comments and am thinking hmmm there's a maybe chance? A doctor has told me NO. I think the internet is a really bad place to come for reassurance but I can't help doing it!

Re: Please can you all answer???

Hey @Deesam - I can categorically tell you that no, that's not what we are saying. We are not saying there might be a chance of it happening.

Sounds like you are hearing what your vulnerabilities want you to hear (anxious feelings).

When I read all of the above comments, what they say is this: "we can not give you medical advice. Ask a health professional". You did that and s/he told you there is no chance of it happening.Therefore, there is no chance of it happening.


But honestly, the only person who can truely reassure you, is you. So probably a good idea to focus on finding peace within yourself instead of seeking it from other people.