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Please don’t judge me


this is really hard for me to confess 

I’m just gonna say it as it is.

please don’t judge me.

i watch porn to hide from my feelings

i hate it

i don’t find any pleasure in watching it

im not even interested in it

but it helps me forget and not think about all the pain I feel daily

i want to talk to someone about it but I just can’t I’m petrified of being judged 

I want to talk to my school counsellor about this but I just don’t know how to I’m so ashamed.

i need help

i don’t know what to do

please don’t judge me


Re: Please don’t judge me

Hey @Mrstweety5482,

No judgement here Heart We all have our own ways of coping with tough feelings

Am I right in saying that you're wanting to find some different strategies? School counsellors can be great for this, but it can definitely be hard to take that step (I know it took me a long time to feel comfortable seeking help). Talking about it here is a great first step Smiley Happy
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Re: Please don’t judge me

Hey @Mrstweety5482, i just wanted to second what was said above. We're definitely not judging you for finding ways of coping with being in pain Heart From what you've said in this post and others i can hear that you're going through a really hard time right now, and sometimes you really  need something to block negative thoughts out Smiley Sad It was really really brave of you to make this post though, and i really admire your courage  
Would writing down what you want to say make it easier to talk to them? sometimes planning something on paper can make it easier to say out loud. It really can be so so daunting to bring up topics that you're afraid might receive judgement, that being said, it can also feel like a weight off. i understand that it really is hard though Smiley Sad


We had a live chat on Accessing Mental Health Support Online! Smiley Very Happy Check it out here! Heart

Re: Please don’t judge me

Hi @Mrstweety5482
Thank you for being brave and sharing Heart
I'm sorry to hear you've been feeling that way.
We are non-judgemental here, did it feel better posting about this?
I've definitely come across others with these feelings also, you're not alone Heart
School counsellors and professionals in the mental health field are trained to be non-judgemental so they can help you the best they can. Knowing this would talking to the school counsellor be a possibility for you?