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Please help me, I'm scared

Please help me, I'm so scared right now and usually I'm not someone who will admit this. I think I may have schizophrenia but I don't want to believe it. I'm  fine right? I don't know... I'm scared to tell my parents/family cause they won't believe me, I don't know how to get in contact with my GP so I'm stuck. PLEASE HELP ME I'M SCARED. I'm trying not to fail my exams right now but it's hard trying to think when you got something else on your mind.

Re: Please help me, I'm scared

Hey @---Hope--- it's super understandable to feel this way. We have a few members on the forums here living with schizophrenia. If you can find any GP when you're able to I think that will be really helpful.


It is okay to feel scared, but you do deserve support right now. I want to recommend you ringing/webchatting with Kids Helpline [click here] (14-25 year olds can use this service). It is completely confidential. As you sound quite distressed I think this will be really positive for you right now and they will be able to inform you a little more about schizophrenia and how to manage the symptoms, also where to go to seek medical advice etc.


Would you be up for something like that tonight? We're always here to listen and help as well  Heart

Re: Please help me, I'm scared

thank you so much, I'm currently studying for my exams but I can check it out tomorrow. I swear you've just made my night a whole lot better. <3


Re: Please help me, I'm scared

I am so glad to hear this. The forum is always here to help you out, and you're not alone. Heart

Definitely if you're really struggling try KHL with the link I just provided Smiley Happy If you need, between study crams of course Smiley Tongue.

Re: Please help me, I'm scared

Hey @---Hope---, just wanted to check in and see how you're doing. How are exams going?Smiley Happy

Re: Please help me, I'm scared

Hello @---Hope---,


First of all, how about searching up more about schizophrenia such as articles, symptoms and come to terms with it yourself first. Then the next step would be to address your parents. Though you might be afraid they will not believe you, if you are that concerned then they would want to have a look into it too. Tell them it is better safe than sorry. They love you and will want to help you as best as they can. As for the GP, ask your parents for the number (you could sway you need it to fill out something at school) or you can search up the facility you usually go to, call them and ask for that doctor's name to book an appointment. You can book appointments and go yourself if necessary and if you are above 18, they will not tell your parents about it if you do not want them to. Let us know how it goes @---Hope---! Please do not worry too much, people with schizophrenia are normal people, in fact they are stronger than normal people because they have more things to deal with. You will not stop being you or change just because you have schizophrenia. I am sure your friends and family will love and accept you just the same so do not stress and concentrate on your exams ok? You can do it!


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