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Problems At School

Here is something that many experience, it can be just the hard subject, the unfriendly teacher or it could be downright bullying and isolation. However, there are people that aim to help YOU in your time of need. This post is to talk about such situations and finding ways to cope and overcome the obstacles associated. Please, as all posts are done anonymously, feel free to share your experience. You never know, you could find the answer your looking for.

Re: Problems At School

I had a strange problem at school, around grade 11-12. At the end of grade 10 there was a big admin shift, and a few teachers left/new ones came, etc.. Before grade 11 I liked the school, the people and teachers were great, and the school itself wasn't a problem. But after this it seemed like there was a shift in priorities, and there was a big focus on uniform and discipline, to the point that it seemed more important than the education itself. Unfortunately there wasn't a lot I could do about this (although I did have a few words with some of the teachers...Smiley Tongue) and I didn't want to change schools, because I loved my friends. 

There's not really a point to this, I just figured it's important to realise that people can have a lot of different problems at school, and that it does get better (I'm now in my second year of uni, and it's a lot better). Stick by those people who care enough to support you, and push through until it's all over Smiley Happy

Re: Problems At School

Firstly, its nice to know that your in uni and that things got better Smiley Wink, but what you described is a common occurance for many people, but it is always good to remember that when you are getting older, your's and other people's priorities may change and it is simply something that happens in life.


p.s. thanks for the response, didnt think i would get any Smiley Happy

Re: Problems At School

@Apothecary41 wrote:

didnt think i would get any Smiley Happy

REALLY???????? Smiley Very Happy


Story of my life! Long stiory short: I'm ighting my way through Yr 12 and Special Provisions, which are invaluable. However although I know what my provisions are, the supervisors keep adding their own spin on the rules. It's frustrating, bit I keep pushing on....  Smiley Happy  





Re: Problems At School

yr 12 is hell and i am struggling with that but i just think and motivate myself that it isn't too long left, both a great and dauting idea but if u can hang on and see that light at the end of the tunnel because in life thewre always is one then u will be fine Smiley Happy


Inspire All Smiley Happy

Re: Problems At School

Hi all,


One thing I found hard at school was staying motivated. 

There were always a few guys who would whine about why they wanted to leave school which often got me thinking about what I was doing there in the first place.

It was always one stepping stone at a time and a few dedicated teachers and great friends really got me through.

One of the reasons I started volunteering and meeting new people was to experience other stuff just so I knew life just wasn't about school.

I didn't really like sports and attending piano lessons wasn't the most social activity I could do.

Meeting motivated and other young people outside of school really helped me see the bigger picture and world.

I guess I was kind of sheltered in a way but finding new experiences to enjoy is something that I've definitely continuted to do.

Not sure how much this relates; just wanted to share.