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R. I. P. Amanda Todd


 Amanda Todd's story is a sad story, but what makes it worse is that it is true.

How many more have to die before people realise that bullying isn't a good thing and that it MUST be stopped.


Make sure her story is heard, so others don'y have to die.


(Im 17 years old and this brought me to tears)

Re: R. I. P. Amanda Todd

Hey Apothecary41,


Amanda Todd's story is very powerful indeed. A lot of lessons can be learnt from it - the devastating results of bullying, judging and ganging up on people,  but also the danger of sharing private information and images with strangers over the net. 


Unfortunately some of the content in this video does not fall within the ReachOut guidelines ( so I have had to remove the link. 





Re: R. I. P. Amanda Todd

Hey Apothecary41

You are right and it is sad. I watched this movie called Chatrooms and it was about how teenagers can influence each other on chatrooms to do awful things and it made me so sad to see that bullying and all these horrible things continue and no one seems to learn from it Smiley Sad

But in saying that places like Reachout and Lifeline are so amazing and give people a positive platform to find love and support and that's all we can do is give that to those that need it Smiley Happy
**Believe in the power of you because you are your own hero**

Re: R. I. P. Amanda Todd

people can be pretty cruel to one another. especially in schools. and it is really sad when these things occur

one of many lessons from this story is not to send private images/videos to strangers. use the internet appropriately i guess. have limits to protect yourself.

Re: R. I. P. Amanda Todd

People are horrible and cruel and it makes me sad that they're so blinded.

Hopefully there will be some lessons learned from this tragedy.

Re: R. I. P. Amanda Todd

what's probably worse is that we probably only hear very few cases. and plenty more go undetected. and may be much worse.

thankfully there are "anti-bullying" programs. though they aren't always perfect it is a step in the right direction rather than ignoring the issue.