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I hate this. I hate feeling like a freak. I hate the look of disappointment I get from my parents when I don't share how I feel. I hate the fact that I'm trapped in this spiral of fear and anxiety. I hate the fact I was too weak to go to school today. I hate the fact that when I do go, it's suffocating. Who cares about "staying safe" when there doesn't feel like there's a reason for it?

Re: Rant

Hi Blurryphaced


I'm sorry your feeling that way about yourself and that your really struggling with your anxiety, sounds like you've had a really tough day. I'm concerned about your safety, do you have anyone supporting you through this?

Re: Rant

@TOM-RO thank you for your response. I don't have any support at the moment (I don't want to worry anyone) but There's no need to fear for my safety, I'm too afraid of the consequence of being caught self harming. 

Re: Rant

@Blurryphaced sounds like your working through a lot on your own. It can be really helpful to talk about your feelings with someone you trust. Sometimes when we hold all these emotions/feelings in it can be really overwhelming, but I'm glad you reached out tonight. Is there something you can do tonight to look after yourself, for example listen to some music or watch a movie etc?