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Re: How to talk safely about suicide on the forums

Hey @jasmine12345678 


I'm sorry to hear that you didn't enjoy your weekend and fought with your parents. It's so hard when you're feeling isolated from everyone and everything in your life. I'm sending you so much strength to face these challenges Heart 


You've mentioned feeling like a disappointment because you're struggling with depression. I want you to know that you're not alone with this feeling. Getting help with depression can be scary - it's hard to tell your loved ones that you're struggling. Often we don't want to burden others with our pain. It's important to know that depression is a human experience that many many people go through at least once in their life. 


Depression also likes to tell us lies about ourselves and recovery. Reaching out for help with depression is kinda like having someone take care of you when you've got a flu. It's usually much easier to get better if you have someone there to check your temperature, make you hot soup and give you medication. I know it's much easier said than done, but if you can try to see that you are worthy of being cared for. There is no embarrassment or shame in what you are going through Heart 


You sound like the type of person who has really strong values. Choosing not to be friends with a group that are judgemental says a lot about your character! Right now it might not feel like a positive because you're feeling lonely at school. One day I hope you see that you were actually really brave to remove yourself from that group. 


We are thinking of you and we are here for you Heart


Re: How to talk safely about suicide on the forums

Thanks but idk about that. I'd really rather not be a burden, especially when they have so many things going on.


Re: How to talk safely about suicide on the forums

Hi @jasmine12345678,


I am hearing how self aware you are, and how conscious you are of not impacting others. This really says to me how compassionate and kind you are Heart It is really hard to feel like we can reach out for the support and kindness that each person deserves when feeling like that experience may burden someone else- I want you to know that we don't feel like you are a burden Heart In fact, what we see is a brave and courageous person for taking the step to reach out here. When you are ready to talk, we will be here to listen as will some of the other supports @Esperanza67 has referred to Heart It is also okay to take your time to work out who you can talk to- we are more than happy to talk this through with you 


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Re: How to talk safely about suicide on the forums

@Jess1-RO @Esperanza67 I took your advice on reaching out to Lifeline and the lady was incredibly rude to me. I would tell her that I feel sad about something then she'd repeat herself numerous time saying "It seems as if you're sad" and "It looks like you unhappy" It's all she said. I contacted them for help, not for them to just state my emotions. It was bothering a bit and I asked her for some encouragement or atleast for her to tell me things will get better soon or anything just to make me feel better instead of it feeling like im talking to a robot. but all she said was "If you believed everything would be okay then you wouldn't be here, huh?" That talk was supposed to save my life and prevent me from ending it all but the lady was being so harsh. I really wasn't comfortable sharing my problems with a stranger without recieving help, so I ended the chat and cryed myself to sleep. I'll give KidsHelpLine a go but i'm scared it'll have the same outcome as Lifeline did. 


Re: How to talk safely about suicide on the forums

Hey @jasmine12345678, I'm sorry to hear about your bad experience with Lifeline - that's so sad that the lady treated you that way! Personally, I don't find Lifeline really helpful either from my personal experience - I think it's to do with the little time they have to support you, I'm not sure. Not trying to bag them out or anything - I've gotten support a couple of times from some really lovely people there!

From previous experience, I have a really good experience with Kids Helpline! They're really patient and some of them even gave me their work roster so that when I contact them again, I can still talk to the same person!

Therefore, I would definitely recommend giving Kids Helpline a go. While I can't guarantee that you'll definitely have a good experience with them, but if you don't, let us know and we'll think of other supports you could also reach out to. How does that sound? Good luck!

By the way, how are you finding us as a support system? Do you find us helpful?

Sending virtual hugs as always <3 Smiley Very Happy
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Re: How to talk safely about suicide on the forums

@jasmine12345678  I'm sorry you had such a bad experience with Lifeline. You must be going through a really difficult time. Smiley Sad

I echo @Esperanza67's insights. I have also had some good experiences with Kids Helpline. You can also choose to talk to the same person again or have regular sessions.

There is also another service called eheadspace, but I personally haven't used them. They are not an urgent service like Kids Helpline and Lifeline, but you can email them or chat with them online if you don't want your parents finding out that you called them.