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Re: I don't know how to respond?

One of my friends Is saying shitty things about me and I don't know how to tell her to stop. Last time when she said really mean things about a teacher I told my friend that what she had been saying she has to stop and stop blaming me. But after that she started turning on me. Now we are not friends till she works out what she has done wrong. 


Still don't know how to respond.

Anyone have some advice for a problem like this? 


Re: I don't know how to respond?

Hi there @Bell Rose Smiley Happy


I just moved your post to your own thread, if you're wondering what happened! 


It sounds like you're in a tough situation at the moment with your friend @Bell Rose. Is there anyone, maybe someone at school, like a counsellor or teacher you can talk to about this? They might have some good advice and suggestions. Also it will probably be good to get it all of your chest. 


To me, it sounds like your friend is bullying you and that's never cool. Please don't think for a moment that you've done anything wrong. Here's a factsheet you might want to take a look at on bullying here. It has some tips on how to deal with and respond to it as well. 


I hope things improve soon. Keep posting and talking here on RO @Bell Rose. You've come to the right place to get some help and support, go you!!! Smiley Very Happy


Re: I don't know how to respond?

Hey @Bell Rose, welcome to ReachOut and thanks for sharing your story with us. Do you know for every person that has the strength like you did to share their concerns here, there are countless others experiencing the same problem but aren't able to ask for help? So we really value that you've chosen to share with us what's been happening nad worrying you.


It sounds like this is really worrying you and you have taken steps previously to address the issue without the results you hoped. It really sucks that your friend is saying these unkind things about you. Is this something they've often done in the past? If not, could there be a reason their behaviour has changed? Sadly, many times when we are stressed about something in our life we can take it out on those closest to us without really meaning to.


Do you feel comfortable talking to your friend about how their behaviour makes you feel? RO's got some great tips about how to deal when you're having a hard time with friends. For help with talking to your friend, you might like to check out the four tips for difficult conversations in this fact sheet. Have a read and let us know what you think. Do these sound like strategies you could use?