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ReachOut are looking for Readers to participate in our survey of the forum community!

Hey there! 


I’m Kat from the Research team here at ReachOut HQ.


ReachOut is all about being a close online community designed to support you – and we want to get even better at it, so we want to hear from you through our online survey.


We’re looking for people to participate in our survey who haven’t registered for an account with ReachOut, and haven’t ever posted on the forum.


The survey will give you the chance to share your views on the ReachOut forums, talk about what’s working well or not so well, and share any ideas for the future.


The general situation with coronavirus is affecting everyone in the community, so it’s more important than ever that ReachOut understands how we can best meet the needs of our community. And that's what this survey is all about. But your health and wellbeing is number one! If you’re feeling too down or worried, or want to focus your energy on supporting others, that’s totally fine too.


As a thank you for participating, you’ll also have the chance to win 1 of 10 $100 vouchers. It’s not a random draw – the best answers to the bonus question will win!


The survey is completely anonymous and will take you around 15 minutes to complete, depending on your answers, and you can participate by clicking on the following link. If you have an account and/or have made a post before, you will have received an email invitation to participate – please follow the link in that email if you’re interested in being part of the study!


Click here to get involved! 


The study is being conducted by the independent research firm Newgate Research. Your responses are completely anonymous and will not be linked to you in any way – they won’t even see your username. Newgate Research’s privacy policy can be viewed here.


Thanks so much for everything you bring to make the ReachOut community what it is. We’re hoping this survey will help us continue to improve the forums in the future.


We look forward to your feedback!



Keep safe,

The ReachOut research and community teams.



Re: ReachOut are looking for Readers to participate in our survey of the forum community!

I've just pinned this post for those who might be interested Smiley Happy There are a few research opportunities coming up with ReachOut, so if you are interested stay tuned!

Check out our community activities calendar here