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Really really bad day

I had the worst day ever today Smiley Sad

Some girls at school walked past me and called me a b*tch and said I was self harming for attention. They said I'm an attention seeker and no one even cares about me anyway.

Me being me, I took it to heart and let it get to me. I cried for hours when I got home and I self harmed...I broke my 3 days clean. I've been feeling so down and I guess I just needed to let this all out...

So doesn't seem like much I guess but it was just such a bad day Smiley Sad

Re: Really really bad day

That sucks. You really need to get some help. Have you told your parents or caregiver about self harm? And have u told any1 about the bullies?

Re: Really really bad day

Hey Pillow,

I'm really sorry that you had such a bad day. I hope tomorrow treats you a lot better!
Self harming is no laughing matter, and the fact that they are laughing at something like that shows how ignorant they are.
And you know what they say isn't true, there are people who care.
Have you thought about talking to your Mum or Dad about the situation? If nothing else they could at least lend you some support.

I hope you're feeling a bit better now.

Re: Really really bad day

Hey Rhelna,

Thanks so much for replying to me I hope tomorrow treats me better as well. I have thought about talking to mum and dad it's just a little complicated and I don't feel comfortable talking to them...

Re: Really really bad day

Hey @Pillow 


I'm so sorry to hear how crappy your day has been. People being mean and spiteful like that can be really overwhelming. If you don't feel ready to talk to your mum and dad about your feelings yet, have you considered talking to someone online or on the phone.

KHL and Lifeline both offer these services and they can be great in an unexpected situation like today when you come home from school and you feel awful.


Re: Really really bad day

Hey @Pillow, I'm sorry to hear you had such a bad day! If you're not ready to talk to your parents yet, then NigioC had some good advice about KHL and Lifeline. They may even be able to give you ideas on how to bring this up with your parents (if that's what you wanted) 

I hope tomorrow goes better for you 

Re: Really really bad day

Hi Pillow


I have so much to say about this. Firstly, I was a self harmer.  I used to cut myself, to the point where I'd have to wear odd clothing to hide it from my family.  I felt numb on bad life days and cutting seemed to help, it was the only thing I would feel.


From reading your post, what got my attention were the girls being a bitch and saying it was for attention.  Try and see the situation from a different angle, they look for attention by being bitches and loud mouth's.  Try not to let anyone get you down.  They obviously don't understand that you are going through something, keep your head high regardless of what they assume they see. 


If you have someone you can really open up to, try and talk to them.  Always remember you are not alone and I hope tomorrow is better.

Re: Really really bad day

Hey, @Pillow . Thanks for posting, though I'm sorry to hear that yesterday was a bad day for you. I've been watching the Keating interviews over the last month, of which the final of four went to air on Tuesday night. Keating was Treasurer from 1983 to 1991 and Prime Minister from then to 1996. He's one of the few politicians to have scaled great heights and not gone on to write about it in a book. Anyway, he said in the first of these interviews that he was told growing up that only if he had a decent stock of enemies could he be sure that he was doing something right. For him, the fact that there are people who might dislike him was a 'badge of honour'. I don't, by the way, happen to think that you are disliked, Pillow. Not even by the girls who said those nasty things about and to you yesterday. In fact, I think they envy you. There is something that they envy about you, Pillow. It may be your attractiveness or your brains. It may be your sense of humour or your talent for music or sports or writing. Or it may be that you do have people who care about you. Why, if it's true that 'nobody cares', should it come to the attention of people that you're doing what you are to yourself? No, there are people who care about you, Pillow. I care about you and we at care about you. I hope today is a better day for you.


Re: Really really bad day

ok number one three days clean is a really super good start i went through cutting and

its a 100% one day at a time with that stuff .


ok ive said it before and i say it again school will end and you will go out and start life a new .

the best advice ive ever got was never let a mug get you down . and this espicially applies to this


i would love you to stop cutting your self but if its gonna happen please make sure you dont hit a vain or

an artiry .


Re: Really really bad day

Hey Pillow


Sorry to hear that you had such a horrible day!


Unfortunately some people will say hurtful things sometimes, but it doesn't mean anything negative or bad about you.

I'm sure you are terrific person, and you can put those negative comments behind you now. None of them were true anyway Smiley Happy


You may want to try giving the Kids Helpline a call. There number is 1800 55 1800, as I'm sure they can help you out with the issue of self-harm.


Well done on posting Pillow and I hope you have a wonderful day Smiley Happy