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Really struggling

Hi I’m feeling so disconnected and lonely, I relapsed with self harm and  I’m just not sure how I can cope anymore, I don’t know who to talk to, no one I know knows about my situation. I fear I’m losing my mind I just feel like I have too many problems, counselling once a week doesn’t seem to help 


Re: Really struggling

Hi @Willow-Fields


I'm so sorry to hear must be really hard dealing with everything. You are always welcome to talk to anyone here! Do you have ways to distract yourself? Are they not working anymore?


If you feel like you need more sessions, you can go to the doctors and ask them for a psychologist referral or a mental health plan, I forgot what it is called. They give you 10 sessions for free per year if you have medicare. 


Re: Really struggling

Hey @Willow-Fields, and thank you for posting on the forums. We're here to listen and support you however we can. Smiley Happy

Sounds like you're feeling a bit overwhelmed at the moment, am I right? I'm glad to hear that you're going to counselling once a week - it's great that you've taken that step for your mental health. You've mentioned feeling a bit lonely - feeling that way really sucks, huh? Smiley Sad I'm wondering if you could reach out to someone in your life - a family member, friend or teacher - about how you're feeling, does that sound like something you could do?


Look forward to hearing from you! Smiley Happy

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