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Relationship Advice- What’s best for you?

I’ve recently been having some trouble deciding whether or not my relationship should continue. It is an ongoing 3 month relationship and I am unsure if we are both happy. I’m struggling to deal with his bad habit of smoking and because I’m an anti-smoking person it is difficult for me to deal with. It’s against my morals and I’m not sure what this means for us.

Re: Relationship Advice- What’s best for you?

Hey @ReliefMe, that sounds like a really tough situation to be in. Thanks for sharing that with us. Sometimes our morals can change depending on the situation although they can also be stable and persistent. Do you think your opinion is likely to change in the future? Have you discussed this with your partner?

Re: Relationship Advice- What’s best for you?

No, it’s a difficult concept to talk about for me. There are always other people around whenever I see him nowadays because of how busy we are with school. My morals are not going to change to be okay with smoking. It’s not healthy, it’s dangerous for people to do, it’s some causes of going out of pocket, and it’s just unnecessary.

This is the issue I have, my morals won’t change and they shouldn’t have to change for me.

Re: Relationship Advice- What’s best for you?

Hi @ReliefMe! It can be really hard to keep a relationship alive when you and your partner have different views.

Are you able to talk to each other via social media, phone, email or on the weekend?

I can't tell you what to do in your relationship, but what I can say is that you can try weighing up the pros and cons of the relationship and your partner. If you're committed to him and want to make the relationship work, you might be able to ask yourself whether you're willing to overlook his smoking.

Re: Relationship Advice- What’s best for you?

Yes, I am able to talk to them over social media.

I am willing to make it work, so I might just have to look past it? I’m okay if he doesn’t smoke around me (I’m asthmatic), but I still don’t agree with it.

I’ll talk to them. Thank you!! (That’s directed to everyone that replied) 💕

Re: Relationship Advice- What’s best for you?

@ReliefMe  Sounds like you've come to a bit of a compromise that sits well with both of you -  that's great!

Sometimes in relationships we have to weigh up what we are willing to accept and look past, and how important certain values are to us. 

Glad you feel able to talk to him - let us know how it goes! 


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Re: Relationship Advice- What’s best for you?

Will do! Thank you everyone!