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Relationship Help

Lately I’ve been stressed and tired. Me and boyfriend have been together for a while now. Lately I’ve noticed that he hasn’t been as close as we use to be. Lately he looks at other girls more often than usual. I confronted him and he told me that he thinks about girls sexually. And it kind of hurt, I really don’t know what to feel about it. I don’t know how to respond maybe I’m just being over dramatic

Re: Relationship Help

Hey @Helpful_truth, I imagine it must have been quite difficult to have your boyfriend say that to you. Were you able to explain to him that you were hurt? And if not, how do you think you might communicate that to him?

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Re: Relationship Help

I did but he apologized and said he only thinks of sexual things he
couldn’t do to me because he cares but it doesn’t make sense to me I tried
to communicate that I didn’t like that I’m anyway

Re: Relationship Help

@Helpful_truth  that sounds tough. I hope you're able to keep communicating and talking this through - you've both got to be comfortable with the boundaries you set in the relationship. 

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Re: Relationship Help

Hey @Helpful_truth, I hope you had a nice weekend. 


This would have been really hard to hear. How is everything going with your boyfriend now? I was experiencing difficulties with my boyfriend last year and I have found it really helpful to use assertive language when I spoke with him about difficult issues. Saying things like "when you do this ...... it makes me feel ..... ". You should feel comfortable talking about things with your boyfriend and he should make you feel comfortable. I hope everything is improving and you are feeling more secure. 


Looking forward to chatting more soon Smiley Happy